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Sri Lalita Homa Fire

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Om Namah Shivaya Dear Sister!

My husband and I frequently do homa to The 1,000 names of Lalita, and it is such a beautiful experience! The homa intensivies the vibration of the mantras by 10X, therefore it is immensely powerful and sends out purification to the entire universe.

We offer ghee after each mantra. You drop the namaha and add Swaha, offering the Ghee as you chant the Swaha! (Swaha means I am that). We also do a puja prior to the homa.

Hope that helps!

Much Love and Blessings in Her,



ecjensen_us <ecjensen_us > wrote:



all this heat, talk of flaming, and Fire makes me want to do Homa

using The Lalita Sahasranama. can anyone here tell me when offering

The 1000 Names to the fire what would Amma want us to physically

actually offer? also i have heard that One says Svaha at the fire.

would that mean that i would drop the Namah or say Namah Svaha?


thanks for any help anyone can give me with this. -e




Ammachi, "Prashanti " <ammasprashanti



> Do you know this book? "With commentary by T.V. Narayana Menon"?

It's an

> AMMACHI PUBLICATION with the isbn 1-879410-67-2, light brown with

the Sri

> Chakra on the front cover and the most beautiful picture of Sri

Lalita Devi

> inside of it.


> The commentary explains the meaning(s) of the mantras, with cross


> to different scriptures, and gives sometimes quite lengthy

expositions on

> the various attributes and implications of the parts of the

mantras. I

> really loved it from the moment I got it -- 21 August 1999, at the

San Ramon

> ashram, as I was headed back to graduate school after a summer of


> tour, and a difficult pregnancy loss (that Mother explained away

first off

> as "there's no reason to be miserable," as if there ever is...).


> Swami Ramakrishnananda was in residence at San Ramon, and I was

only able to

> go to a few of the satsangs in August before returning to

Minnesota. That

> may have been the one where Amma blessed me with a heart-

blosssoming petal

> upon petal unfolding experience of utter radiance. I was thinking

about it,

> Prajna, when you described how you have your Devi Bhava (wedding)


> draped on a chair. Because Mother's chair was on the stage at the


> and at the bottom of the large picture, one of the

inmates/residents (I

> think, not sure who it was actually...) had placed most reverently


> rather large lotus. It was so beautiful, and staring at it,

inspired the

> most peaceful energetic response. When I closed me eyes to go

into it, the

> heart opened in this incredibly gentle way. I rarely am able to


> physically with that memory, or actually imagine offering petals

from my

> heart to the Deity or the Guru. But it, the experience, is there


> inspire. (Like Amma's recent posted sanctioned official satsang

on the

> amritapuri web-page suggests -- not be attached to the experiences

but to

> find them a reason to keep moving forward.)


> Now perhaps there is a mantra about the Devi who opens the flower

petals of

> our heart -- Hridaya Pushpa?? But in any case, to the point,

while I carry

> around "my" chanting book, I don't do it with any of the

regularity that I

> know some of you do, to great benefit with your inner peace and

the good of

> the world and all that. Salutations to you who pray on behalf of

the World.


> But I do, almost every night, and a lot of mornings, open up the

book to see

> which one of the 1000 names Amma might have me think about for a



> Last night, as I headed to sleep with some anger about crudeness

> Balakrishnanan and some others and myself just complained publicly

about, I

> was off to a good start. Mantra 564. Mrdani, She who is the wife

of Mrda

> (Siva). Which explains further "Mrda is the giver of happiness,

Siva. Devi

> is not only the wife of Mrda, but is Herself the giver of

happiness to

> everyone. Mrda is Siva's predominantly sattvic aspect." (page 246

of the

> Names with Commentary).


> OK, off to a good start. My husband is "into" Siva, so this

little bit was

> an inspiring reminder.


> Then I kept reading... 567 Bhaktanidhih, She who is the treasure

of the

> devotees... guarded with great care in the hearts of Her devotees

and then

> onto the take-home message for the night, speaking directly to the

> complexity of interacting in satsang.


> 570, Maitryadi vasana labhya: SHE WHO IS TO BE ATTAINED BY LOVE




> I don't know the inflections of Sanskrit, or the meanings of the


> but I had never quite thought of our vasanas (if that is the same

word, with

> horizontal small bars over the first and the last "a" letters?) as


> Menon then described (p. 248)

> "It is said that there are four types of vasanas (dispositions):


> (friendship), karuna (compassion), mudita (rejoicing), and upeksha

> (indifference). These are explained in the BHAGAVATA PURANA. One


> cultivate friendship of the happy, show compassion to the

miserable, rejoice

> with the virtuous (take pleasure in association with the virtuous)

and show

> indifference to the sinful. Those devotees in whom these vasanas

take root,

> easily attain Devi or Her grace. PATANJALI YOGA SUTRA (I.33) also


> that undisturbed calmness of mind is attained by cultivating these

very same

> four vasanas."


> This seemed like a direct remind of the blessings to you on this

list who

> are so compassionate and friendly, who rejoice in the wonderful


> expriences, and who are able to be indifferent to the poorly aimed


> arrows.


> It's a good book.

> love, Prashanti




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I always keep wondering whether what is published was what was written by Narayana Menon.:pray:

If I remember correctly a brahmin was asked to "sanitise" it. I forget it. What came out was very bland. I think Narayana menon's daughter did not intend the commentary to be changed so much when she gave it to Amma.

I may meet her - if she blesses - next week end. Then if she inspires I will ask.

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