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Neeb Karori Baba

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What are some people thoughs on this great man and his teachings ? He taught several westerners most noteably Ram Dass, who in turn have managed to bring about some changes in thought in America.


Anyway just seeing what you all think :)



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Guest guest

Om Ganesha


Baba lives in Sebastian Fl ???!!!!! Please Don't tell !!


On the sacred grounds of Kashi,

The Ganaga Waters Flow,

Baba Watches over

as his beloved Children Grow


The yoga of the Natha is taught

Through the secrets of the the night

The Ten Mothers live in Kashi's pale moonlight


The mother Kali's footsteps are heard across the land

Stanu, Shiva first linga, rest in the mothers embrace

Baba is our Lord Hanuman, who hold the mountains weight


Look to the Sanyasan of this land for they repersent everyone in every single way


All the worlds merg together

The three become one

Lord Yama Lord Kala The Great Lord Shani

Look upon you as you enter throught the gate

of there time and space

Slince is your only choice

Dive into the mothers rythem it is the only escape

And when it seems to hard you suddenly feel the grace


if you truely want the truth to the mysteries of this planet, of this time

The gurus the grahas the gods and goddesses know

The nagas the shiddas the deva

those above and those below


all rejoice upon hearing the song

of this land

for all know

the laws of Tantra are thick

the golden thread of awarness is actually so near

And so we sing, hear it echos throught night and day

To help the western world make way

For the truth

of yesterday

A part of Mother India lives here in our world

brought by Maharajis Song


His MA is his pearl her children are his gems and he gives you all a chance to come along and dance

baba swami shirdi ramana all live here and guide all that is in play

The great ones live on this holy land right here in the deep south where this nations karmic trance is already on its way




In the great USA there is only one thing left to do


Feed every One Feed Every one Feed every one


That is Baba's First Clue



Love Babas Gem

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