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- Golden Age - By Srila Prabhupada

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Those days when we find it difficult to chant 64 rounds, those days will be everyday for everyone in 9,500 years. No one will be able to accept the mercy.


I never have days like that gHari. I do have many days when I find it hard to chant 8 rounds though. Life is hard in the slow lane. ;)


One thing we can remember is that "Golden Age" or the "Kingdom of God on Earth" will come through consciousness of human beings. By personally entering into Golden Age we are bringing a part of the Golden Age to earth. As this takes hold collectively the whole world can be under a Golden Age.


It declines in a similar manner.


We must not be caught waiting for it to descend on Earth one day in a way external to ourselves. For even if it did if we were not in the proper consciousness we would not be allowed to live within it's jurisdiction and would be kicked off the planet.


This is the position of many "Christians" today. They are waiting for Jesus to bring the Kingdom of God so they can live happily ever after on Earth. They never consider they themselves are not fit to live in such a scenario.


We must enter NOW the Golden Age. The Golden Avatar has opened the gates. Why do we hesitate?



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