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Webhosting from your Own PC?

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Looks like an interesting product. I notice it only runs on Windows.


With Mac OS X, there is an in-built Apache web server which can be enabled in System Preferences. Using a service like dyndns.org to map a DNS name (like "audarya-fellowship.com" for instance) to your DSL modem's IP address, and a broadband router that supports configuration for inbound connections, one can achieve much the same thing.


The 2Wire Broadband router I use doesn't support automatically updating dynamic DNS, so I end up going into dyndns.org's site each morning to manually update DNS if necessary.


Of course, if you really want to do it right, you can get a static IP address (one that doesn't change from time to time the way most DSL connections do) with your DSL service, but that can double what you pay per month.

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Also, remember that most DSL is ADSL (assymetrical), so your upload speeds won't match your download speeds. Typically (though our service was recently upgraded at no charge), ADSL gives one 1.5Mbps downloads but only 128Kbps uploads (though there are a large variety of services). The upload speed is what folks accessing your home webserver will experience.

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True, doesn't seem worth it if the download speeds are low. I know one devotee who gave me a program to download mp3's from his PC. I thought was good, but the speed download, (I think was okay, but if the devotee is doing something himself can be bad for me or works two ways). Doing this could you run your own Web-hosting company?

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