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Any devotee have Full Bhagavad-gita as it is audio by Amala Bhakta dasa + Purports

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Gotta say, I agree with raga. My husand and I both knew Amala Bhakta when we lived in L.A. (long time ago) and he worked very hard on these tapes, had bills to pay like anyone else, only to have countless devotees make copies with few actually purchasing his cassettes. Personally, I understand those who are really poor doing that, but these days more and more devotees have a few bucks to spare.

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I understand if someone really can't spare 10 dollars; that is, if he really cannot.


What irks me is when people go buy ice-cream, eat at a restaurant or buy neat clothes and then have the nerve to say they don't have 10 bucks to spare for fellow devotees' hard work, and then the same people go around talking about "no copyrights in transcendence, you should give it all for free Prabhu, what's the problem it's Krishna's service", while the poor Prabhu struggles to pay his bills like everyone else. That is just selfishness, plain and simple.

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We all struggle prabhu, some people just don't mention it. I gave some money before. But I am how you say, penniless. This internet I am getting on Free Trials (yep, you can get anything for free if you know how). Anyway I will never change. If it can be given for free then I will. But I am asking permission now, so I don't offend anybody. Which is maybe the right way.

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