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Ganesh Mantra Siddhi Jaap

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Namaskar Neilji,


Glad you like the article. Unfortunately, have lost the link where

it was found, sorry.. If anyone here happens to stumble upon this

same piece on the net highway, pls tell us the url, thx.





, "trikashaivism" <Trikashaivism



> Namaste,


> Thanks for posting this piece. It was interesting and well

> presented. There doesn't seem to be many pieces like this around,


> I'm pleased it was posted here for the benefit of all the members.

> Many thanks,


> Om Shanti

> Neil



> , narasimhaye <no_reply@> wrote:


> > Ganesh Mantra Siddhi Jaap

> > Before learning How To Do Ganesha Mantra Jaap let us first

> understand

> >

> > What is Japa?


> repeating a mantra, generally a specified number of times, such as

108, often while counting on a strand of beads,called a japa mala,

while conscientiously concentrating on the meaning of the mantra.

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Very good article, indeed! I must pose a question to anyone who knows this. Please reply if you are sure on the answer. I am looking for 2 scriptures online, the tradtional versions, and not summaries. The books are Guru Gita, and Skanda Purana. I had found online ones, but they didnt seem right to me. I did however find 2 sites but when I tried to look at the Gita's on both, it said sorry link is unavailable at the moment. How many verses are in the orthodox Guru Gita?


PS this is one my Guru uses maybe someone knows of an online text version

Narayananda, Swami, *The Guru Gita. Bombay: India Book House, 1976.



Aum. Katrathu Kai Man Alavu, Kallathathu Ulagalavu!!!





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Share your experiences about Ganesha Mantra to the whole world

your special advice or any important tips of chanting Ganesha Mantra
Something important which motivate you to use Mantra or anything which you want to share with us like


-Any question


-Tips of chanting




-Instructions of Using this Mantra in life

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