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Kavachas of Planets / NarsimhaJi - Gayatri Mantra

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Sh.Narsimha jee,

It is quite correct that Gaytri Mantra has the highest power. In fact it is called

the mother of Mantra and to add it's as SAMPUT in other mantras makes them tremendous powerful but it is Shaapit so before start chanting SHAAP - VIMOCHAN and AASAN SHUDDHI by the some mantras is extremelly needed according to Rigveda otherwise it can give adverse results.Plantes Kavchas

become lesser power in comarison to NARAYANA KAVACH, AMOGH SHIV KAVACH, DATTATREYA VAJRA KAVACH, RAM RAKSHA STOTRA and DEVI KAVACH that can remove the bad effects of all the planets.Am i wrong?What is your openion?


Shashie Shekhar


"Narasimha P.V.R. Rao" <pvr (AT) charter (DOT) net> wrote:



> Since you have been doing it for years, pls guide us on the

> complete process of doing it....we will be greatfull to you.


I will try. There are still a few mantras in the pooja that I read with intonation that I made up, as I could not find the correct intonation for those mantras. When I find out the correct intonation for those mantras also, I can record the mp3 and share it with all. I can give detailed directions in the mp3 along with the mantras and add a picture of the arrangement. Hopefully, it will happen in a couple of years.


> Secondly could you pls let us know the difference it has

> done in your life in terms of mindset, thaughts, speaking truth

> etc etc ??


When I was in a big personal problem several years ago, I took a vow to do this vratam for 3 consecutive months if my problem passed. I got the specific result I wanted and did it for 3 months. Then I decided to just continue.. Later, I reached the stage where I was doing it with absolutely no desire.. There were a few cases of people without jobs for a few months coming and doing the vratam along with me (in a different peetham/kalasham) and getting a job within the next 1-2 weeks. However, I myself do it without any specific desire.


I believe it made me more truthful, more honest, more peaceful and more humble.


More than all these poojas, I think that those of you whose upanayanam is done must read atleast one maalaa (108 times) of [savitri] Gayatri mantram. Many people whose upanayanam is over neglect this basic mantram after a while. While I have done many poojas, rituals and sadhanas, I honestly think that nothing is higher than Gayatri mantra. If you read Gayatri mantra with the correct Rigvedic intonation *atleast* 108 times a day, it can do wonders to your spiritual pursuit. Just a couple of points to note are: (1) It is not a mantra for Gayatri Devi, as commonly thought. Gayatri is the chhandas (metre) and hence Gayatri Devi is a vehicle for the mantra. (2) The mantra is for Savitri devata - a form of Sun who permeates the entire universe as the supreme intelligence/consciousness/soul. In other words, it is basically the formless atman of the universe. You can add the form you prefer to make it more complete. It is basically a mantra for atma jnaanam (knowledge of self).

(3) Sit in a good asan, keep your back as straight as possible, don't move, close your eyes and focus your attention on either the sound of the mantra or a mental image of your ishta devata and keep chanting mentally.


If you follow these simple guidelines, learn the correct intonation and read a few malas of Gayatri mantra everyday, it will do wonders. You won't need any other mantra. Please note that doing one mala of Gayatri mantra will take just 10 min after practice. It is a small mantra.


If there are more people doing Gayatri mantra everyday, this world will be a better place.


BTW, during the Shata Chandi homam we did in Chennai, I took a vow to read Chandipath (Durga Saptashati - 700 verses on Devi) for 108 consecutive days.. This Sunday (Ashtami) was the 108th day. On that occasion, I recorded my chanting on an iPod. I recorded Kavacham, Argala, Keelakam, Ratri sooktam, poorva nyaasam, uttara nyaasam, Devi sooktam etc also, in addition to the main 700 verses. I will soon convert them to mp3 and find a way to make them available for a download, so that you can listen to them when you want to.


Sarvam SreeKrishnaarpanamastu,



Free Jyotish lessons (MP3): http://vedicastro.home.comcast.net

Free Jyotish software (Windows): http://www.VedicAstrologer.org

Sri Jagannath Centre (SJC) website: http://www.SriJagannath.org



> Om Sai Ram


> Respected NarsimhaJi,


> I was to post the same request.


> Since you have been doing it for years, pls guide us on the complete process of doing it....we will be greatfull to you.


> Secondly could you pls let us know the difference it has done in your life in terms of mindset, thaughts, speaking truth etc etc ??


> A PDF document will be a great service; the story is available but I don't think the Pooja Vidhi is good; the Ganesh Pooja; Navgrah Mantras etc etc which one to use; a photo of the placement of everything will help as well.


> I know you are very bussy and I hope I could have been there to learn and prepare the PDF; unfortunately I am in Dubai.


> I am sure you will take this on your priority list and try to close the loop soon.


> regards,


> Kaartik Gor


> sriganeshh wrote:

> Dear Narasimhaji,


> It is interesting to note the significance of kavachams..but i

> particulary curious to learn the complete procedure of satyanarayana

> vratam..is it possible to send me complete procedure of doing

> satyanarayana vrata or suggest some standard books for doing

> this..at home...


> thanks

> ganesh


> vedic astrology, "Narasimha P.V.R. Rao"



> >

> > Dear SanjayP,

> >

> > Thank you for the links. Kavacha means "protective shield".

> Kavachas of planets are good for removing physical ailments.

> >

> > The discussion on kavachas reminds me of a story. I was performing

> Satya Narayana vratam when some relatives were doing griha pravesh

> in a new house they bought. We had all the time in the world and I

> did a 5 hour long Satya Narayana vratam. When invoking various

> planets in the pooja, I did their kavachas in addition to mantras.

> >

> > The pooja was going fine. Suddenly, when I started reading Sukra

> kavacham, one girl started throwing tantrums, crying loud and making

> a lot of fuss. We had to stop the pooja and cajole her. The same

> thing was repeated three times as I read Sukra kavacham. I had to

> break 3 times in the middle. After Sukra kavacham was over, it went

> on smoothly.

> >

> > When I reflected on it, it struck to me that Venus was a

> functional malefic for the people I was doing the vratam for. For

> the owner of the house, Venus is the 6th and 11th lord, afflicting

> lagna lord Jupiter. For his wife, Venus is the 3rd and 8th lord and

> occupies the 6th house of sickness.

> >

> > In both the charts, it is the job of Venus to give sickness and

> health problems. And, there I was, sincerely praying to that Venus

> to give them good health! Naturally, Venus is not comfortable with

> the request and wants to throw obstacles in the prayer.

> >

> > Interestingly, the girl who cried loud and disturbed the pooja

> during the chanting of Sukra kavacham has arudha lagna in a Venusian

> sign and Venus aspects her lagna. In addition to aspecting lagna,

> Venus is exalted and quite strong. In fact, he is the AK. The girl

> is a good painter and an excellent singer. She is also very gifted

> in terms of musical sense (she listens to the latest Hindi/Telugu

> film songs a couple of times and figures out the tune and plays it

> on the keyboard very well. All this is inspite of having no formal

> training in any kind of music).

> >

> > Overall, she is a very Venusian kind of person and was the one

> chosen by Venus as his representative to push his agenda!

> >

> > Sarvam SreeKrishnaarpanamastu,

> > Narasimha

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