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What Are Some Prayers that ISKON Members Pray to Forms of Krishna With?

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Hare Krsna,


There are so many beautiful prayers to the Lord one hardly knows where to begin!:)


Here are some links that I hope will help.


These are prayers in glorification of Lord Krsna including the wonderful dasavatara-stotra of Jayadeva goswami in praise of the Lord's 10 main incarnations.




This link is to prayers specifically in glorification of Lord Narasimha. The Lord's half-man half-lion incarnation:




These are prayers recited by Brahma in glorification of Govinda. Very beautiful and my favorite:) :




This link will take you to the songbook used in ISKCON temples around the world. Prayers to the Lord in his various forms and to His devotees are included in it.




Anyone can chant or sing them at anytime! There are no hard and fast rules. Just sing the glories of the Lord with joy!

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Guest guest

If you need prayers and kirtans, write to your local temple for a Temple Song Book, you must.

Hare bol,

Jai Sri Krishna.

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Such forms as Varhara, Nrsimha, Baladev, Krsna, Rama, etc..


Are there any specific prayers we can participate in?

If so Please Add Information.


Hare Krsna


Hare Krishna,



If you want prayers which ISKCON members pray, you can ask to ISKCON for that,....and I hope they would help you with it:)

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Guest Rajan K G

There is an Prayer which goes like this " Sri Krishna Chaitanya Prabhu Nityananda...............". Can anyone please give me the complete version of this prayer ? Thank you

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