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Ganja Yagña

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i am a sadhaka that been coming to take higuer understanding as a by product of my spirituality , i had been reaching healing levels and at heart, smoking Pots of ganja; not only, justthat this is A holy plant used in India along ago by sages, mostly it is beneficial for sanyassis, that i been going about, and know that many humans used this sacred plant as a Yagña... or Agni-Hotras.


Maybe, humbly i am asking a saivite maybe... that he kindly could guide me within this understanding... i had done other post in this section about, but i had not made my self clear enough, i think.


So that maybe he could come and as a Goswami instruct me in this sacred yagña, with the ganja.


haribol, & thank you.


( i dont want to commit more offences in respect of using the Flower byproduct - thank you.)

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Hi, i need to be send to me any querries about this yagña, A VEDIC aproach. if you could send me something about the fair use of this holy plant please write me @ pundita@gmail.com


i will like to have guidance on this, As i am planin to quit also, i am not a drunkard but if you could help me in this need, i will reciprocate it to you.


Thank you.

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