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Smoking Ganja Bangs.

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ok, many saghes and non sages have been going throught the "penance" of smoking ganja to rich spiritual understanding in many levels them are sancttioned, the question i have here is that, even, prabhupäda tolds about ganja being good for saintly people, like sanyassiss, that he told it is so good... within Vaishnava sampradaya this is not recomended, i have used it and really i now understand how it really afects me, i have been a tyagy many a many life-time, i was asking that, what are the sugestions to this mater.


now, whom are the devotees of Lord Siva that use this things, cheap store "corner standing" sadhus? or, is that plant created with any spiritual purpose more than realising that one is soul?


thank you if you could add something to this i am devoloping this theme for doing an enclosure.


haribol, you help is preciated.



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Guruve Saranam.


Sittar when they are doing long meditation, weeks, months and sometime years, they do not drink, they do not eat, and they do not sleep. They will be just in meditation. They only smoke Ganja during this times becuz Ganja will make them not to think about food, drink. Sometimes ants, Mosquito could be bitting them, it helps them to ignore the pain and concentrate on higher source.


Om Nama Sivaya.

Guru Padema Saranam

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