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the Mysticism of Ragas

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Jay Sri Narayana,


I have heard of the mystical origins of Ragas. Narad Rishi, according to the Puranas, was a master of the diverse range of Ragas that correspond to different human emotions.


In the system of astanga-yoga, the anAhata-cakra is associated with the anAhat-sabda, which is a divine sound that the yogi can hear when performing deep meditation using the ekagrahta technique.


Singing kirtan/bhajans and chanting God's mantras in Raga can also boost the power it has on you. Raga is a beautiful way of professing pure bhakti towards God. The various Ragas do have a divine origin, so I think it's important that we discuss what Ragas mean to you.


Do you prefer to sing ragas? Even singing the Omkaar in ragas can have profound effect on your ability to meditate and do bhakti.


What does everyone think?

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