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Incense burning while meditating and praying

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news . bbc . co . uk / 1 / hi / health / 1467409 . stm


just read the article on that link, burning incense releases carcinogens. Same with burning candles too.


How does incense burning drive away lower astral entities?


What are the positive benefits of incense burning, and why is it used so much in temples and churches everywhere? They give off a nice smell, but is there some religious significance to incense burning? How can something potentially bad for you be good even for devotional means?


In any case, the article says incense burning MAY spark cancer, since it has some carcinogens, but I don't think a study has been done to see how many people get cancer from burning incense.

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Too much smoke inhalation causes cancer, poor quality incense may also cause cancer (so spend a few more bucks and buy the good stuf ha), burning candles or incense in an enclosed environment may contribute to cancer, etc. Long ago in the forest or even temple but also in a open area, this was not such a concern. These days, open the windows when necessary! :) Additionally, since essential oils heal, and (quality) incense is made from flowers, herbs, etc., than it too would be healing when used properly.

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Yea, so can drinking through straws and eating food heated up in a microwave. :rolleyes:

Good point. I just love incense so much, with candles running a close second, guess I don't understand why someone would not understand. Simultaneously am glad folks ask instead of assume. In any case, all kinds of things in this age of kali cause cancer. Those would be my first priorities to try to remove from my life. Incense? Yum, I can smell it just typing the word! Sandalwood and Frankincense. So inspirational! :pray:

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