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? Fishing

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Self preservation is always allowed according to sastra. The Rsi was lost

during a famine and drought in the desert. He was trying to leave the

desert but fell to the ground being so tired, thirsty and hungry. He was

practically crawling to get out of the desert and just in front of him a dog

died. Since the dog died in front of him he took it as a sign from Lord Sri

Krishna and ate the dog flesh. He got enough strength to get out of the

desert and survived. After that he resumed his vegetarian diet and his

devotional service. Where does sastra say we should commit suicide? Lord

Sri Krishna Caitanya Mahaprabhu always told his devotees they have no right

to take their lives since their lives and body is offered to Lord Sri

Krishna's devotional service.


Your well wisher always,




Jayapataka Swami



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> Koti dandavat

> > ---------- Forwarded Message ----------

> >

> > Comment 29364 (14 lines)

> > Jayapataka Swami (GBC)

> > 26-Nov-02 22:54 (17:54 -0500)

> > Madhurya Kadambini (dasi) RSD (Perm - R)

> > Reference: Text PAMHO:6218822 by Madhurya Kadambini (dasi) RSD (Perm -

> > R) ? Fishing

> > ---------------------------

> > > If one in a perplexity, for example losen in the sea and only food is

> > > fish and one is a brahmin. should one accept it as a Krsna's will and

> > > keep fasting (maybee till the death) or one can take a fish?

> > > ys mkd

> > if one is in life and death situation then one can eat non veg but as

> > soon as alternatives appear then back to vegetarian. Srila Prabhupada

> > advised like that about a rsi who ate a dog when starving and after

> > surviving went back immediately to normal prasadam.

> >

> > Your well wisher always,

> >

> >

> >

> > Jayapataka Swami

> > (Text 29364) --------------

> >

> > ------- End of Forwarded Message ------

> Jai Sri Guru and Gouranga.


> Dear Guru Maharaj, is not this situation a rare opportunity to fast and

> prepare oneself for dying? is it not that the scriptures don't take as a

> suiside the act of fasting till death?.. Especially if one has promese not

> to eat fish in from of the fire to the Guru and Krsna.?..

> Your Servant

> Prahlad Nrsmha Das

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