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Ayurveda with Dr. Liladhar Gupta

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Dr. Liladhara Gupta will be giving an 8 day seminar on Ayurveda in Vienna

from may 29th to the 4th of June 2004. Please contact me if you are

interested to attend. A.palmer (AT) web (DOT) de


A description of the seminar is given below



Antoine Palmer





Ayurvedic Self-Healing and Prevention

with Dr. Liladhar Gupta


The seminar will given English with option of German translation.


Introductory course: May 29th to June 1st 2004 (Sat-Tue)

2nd level course: June 2nd to June 5th 2004 (Wed-Sat)


Topics - introductory course


- Ayurvedic self-massage (theory and practical)

- Diagnosis of bodily constitution: Vata, pitta, kapha

- Natural balance and nutrition overview

- History of Ayurveda

- Ayurvedic definition of health

- Five-element theory

- Balancing vata, pitta and kapha through nutrition testing

- The seven tissues

- Theory of digestive fire "Agni"

- Daily exercises for specific bodily constitutions

- Herbs and methods of rejuvenation


Topics - 2nd level course:


Day 1: Self-massage in detail

Day 2: Ayurvedic healing methods for women and children

Day 3: Ayurvedic healing methods for women and children

Day 4: Ayurvedic cooking (Theory and practical)



The teacher


Dr. Liladhar Gupta is from an Indian Brahmanavaidya family. His forefathers

have been practicing as ayurvedic doctors since four generations. His father

instructed him in the ayurvedic sciences and preparation of ayurvedic

medicine from his childhood on the basis of ancient tradition. After

completing a bachelor of science in biology and chemistry, he did an 11

semester study which he finished in 1992 to become an ayurvedic doctor and



Aside from working as a doctor and establishing an ayurvedic clinic

(Dhanvantari Dham) in Vrndavan, India, Dr. Gupta accepts many invitations

worldwide. He gives seminars for beginners as well as for advanced to

students, and has trained many ayurvedic therapists.


He is also available for private consultation and therapy during the

upcoming seminars.


Dr. Gupta has the vision to bring ayurveda to the western world and to

demonstrate that ayurveda is a complete holistic healing art which includes

all dimensions, from the corporal to the spiritual. It is simultaneously

practical, modern and scientific.



Comments from students


Doris Maiwald, Govinda distributors, natural living:


"Although I have been involved with ayurveda since 15 years, I learned so

many new things in this seminar that I have found in no books until now. Dr.

Gupta has a unique skill to present the subtle intricacies and the

fascinating background knowledge of ayurveda in a very practical and

relevant way. His course gave me a much deeper understanding of this vast

field of knowledge. I highly recommend it."



Vida Fertig:


"The wealth of information given in this seminar has fully convinced me of

the importance of ayurvedic massage. Since 9 months I am practicing

self-massage and am enjoying the powerful vitalizing effect it has on the

gross and subtle body. The practice has helped me enormously to temper my

unruly vata constitution."



Alexander Lelling, Heilpraktiker:


"I was inspired from Dr. Liladhar Gupta's authentic presentation of the

ayurvedic principles. He definitely lives what he teaches in his courses.

His presentation made it possible for me to find a new perspective on

medicine altogether. I was especially impressed by the practical application

of philosophy and teaching in daily life. Anyone who is looking for guidance

towards a healthy lifestyle will undoubtedly be uplifted by this course.






Introductory course: EUR 150

2nd level course: EUR 150

***reduction for students is possible


Seminar will take place at Piccolo Mondo, Paracelsus gasse 8, 1030 Vienna


For registration and information, contact Antoine Palmer;

A.palmer (AT) web (DOT) de


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