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_The Apostate's Lexicon_

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The following (from the Epscoplaians) could easily transpose onto ISKCON

just change the appropriate words.



_The Apostate's Lexicon_


(please add additional words you have encountered)



Accepting -- getting rid of any teaching about sin


Consensus -- agreeing with us.


Dialog -- an opportunity to delay and sap the enemy's energy, while

never actually listening to him.


Dogma -- opinion of a brain-dead superstitious reactionary


Evangelism -- getting more people in the pews to contribute money and

sign up for our social & sexual agenda


Experience -- source of all truth (provided it is freely and

subjectively interpreted)


Fundamentalist -- anyone who thinks that the Bible contains more than

pretty metaphorical stories and out-of-date and irrelevant bits of

outmoded beliefs


Integrity -- pro-sodomy & lesbian, gay, transexual, and pederast agendas


Loving -- approving of everyone's sins


Ministry - any activity, whether religious or secular, that the New York

Times would agree with.


Missionary -- representative of Integrity or other pro-apostasy group

being paid by PECUSA to visit backward nations and get them to update

their teaching to our liking.


Outreach - A synonym; see definition of "ministry." This is a particularly

handy word, since it can be combined with others to form impressive-sounding

phrases: e.g., "gay and lesbian outreach ministry").


Schismatic -- anyone remaining faithful to centuries of Christian

teaching and the views of the majority of Anglicans.


"Thinking Episcopalian" -- some one smart and self-important enough to

reject Biblical teaching and apostolic authority in favor of their own



Traditionalist -- evil reactionary member of a world-wide conspiracy


Unity -- ultimate goal of the institution, measured by keeping all the

property and having everybody contribute money


Welcoming -- never talk about sin

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