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Be careful not to take what SP says out of context

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On 29 Jan 1999, Gauranga das wrote:


> You may think or hear from others that if it sounds too good to

> be true it is or high return equals high risk.



Or, as my attorney (who holds my many file cabinets full of "high yield"

schemes from London, Russia, Middle East and others) says, "There's no free



> This is true in most

> investment ventures, except when you come to the area of the trading of bank

> insttuments.



This also is very risky. It CAN be done but requires extreme caution and/or

extremely well-placed and solid "inside" connections.


My experience with high yield Asset Enhancement Trading Programs and

Debenture/portfolio trading involved dealings only with the top ten

international banks and the IMF with promises of turning $5M into $10M in one

week and by the 8th week into $126M.


I'm still not rich! (Bad karma, I guess).



> But one must have an education, the knowledge and the right

> contacts in this area otherwise like anything else, one can lose their

> capital. I have paid more than 20,000. in offshore educational material,

> banking and investment opportunities. I have done research for two years in

> this area of High Yield investments Programsthrough a very powerful network

> of highly informed financial advisors and investors. We know the danger

> areas and everybody who we hear about and deal with in this area is checked

> out at the highest levels .



This is at least the safer approach, I agree. Good luck!



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