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Info about HH Akincana Krsnadas Babaji Maharaja

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> One spanish academic is writting a book comparing the "fathers of the

> desert" from the ortodox christian tradition with mystics from India who

> always chanted the holy names in their heart. I need to find where it was

> published the incident when a doctor could hear, trhough his sthetoscope,

> the maha-mantra within the heart of Srila Akincana Krsnadas Babaji

> Maharaja (Srila Prabhupada´s Godbrother). If possible I need the title,

> the author and press of the book.


I don't know precisely but it should be in some biography of Bhaktisiddhanta

Sarasvati Thakura or the book about Vamsidasa Babaji.


But I definitely found astounding similarities in life and realizations of

Desert Fathers and our acaryas. This book could be very helpful for



Wishing all success,


ys bh. Jan

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