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Kubera Lakshmi Sankshiptam

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of OM"

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width="75"> Dear Kannanji, Kubera is the

God of wealth and the Lord of Uttaradisha. He is one of the Ashta-Dikpalas,

representing the north. He is also known as Dhanapati(Lord of Riches). Kubera

is the trustee of all wealth and food grains, whereas creation of wealth and

bestowal belongs to Lakshmi. Kubera is the son of Visrava and is the grandson

of Brahma, the Creator, and is known by the patronymic, Vaisravana. He is the

Lord of Yakshas, devotee of Lord Shiva and is known as the best among Yakshas.

He is fair complexion, dwarfish with the extended Belly, Smiling face and

Horse has the Vehicle, another posture is seated on Lotus with right leg folded

and leaving down the left leg. He has conch on the

left hand while the right has Padmavadhi with pot being placed on his right

thingh. Apart from these postures, who ever wishes any form he changes as per

their desire. His wife is Chitrini(sittarini).He is also seen with a golden

mongoose as an auspicious symbol.It is said that one who keeps this photo with

Lakshmi Devi sitting above the Kubera Dampathy with gold over flowing from her

hands will usher in great prosperity to the house. Sri Lakshmi Kuberar

Temple is situated at Rathnamangalam, a village near Vandalur,

Chennai Shiva gave darshan to Kubera with Goddess Parvathi. Kubera

was stunned to see the splendor and beauty of Goddess Parvathi. He felt

sorry that he had not worshipped such a fine Goddess earlier and one of his

eyes winked. Goddess Parvathi was angry that Kubera was seeing her with evil

intention. She made his eye burst. Kubera lost one eye sight. Lord

Kubera requested siva to forgive him and pleaded that he had not seen the

Goddess with any evil

intention. Siva asked Goddess to

decide. Goddess Parvathi forgave Kubera and let one of the eyes grow on smaller


Roman" color="#407f00"> So one eye of kubera is

smaller that the other. Kubera was rewarded by shiva with the post of one of

the Guards of eight dishas. Kubera was given the post of guarding northen

disha. Goddess made him the Lord of wealth and materials.

Traditional position of Lakshmi behind and Kubera and his wife juxtaposed.

Kubera is the God of wealth and material but not its originator. His

responsibilities is to distribute the above two things properly. Creating

wealth and allocating the same is the function divine mother Goddess

Lakshmi. The belief being that when goddess Lakshmi visited Kubera on

this day, he managed to please her, so that she stayed in a pot of puffed rice

covered with a sugar candy for several days. Thus he remained the richest

celestial persona. To mimic this custom, small pots (in odd numbers) are filled

with puffed rice, coin and covered with sugar candy are

placed for the Lakhsmi kubera pooja along with the sparkling lamps. Later these

pots are distributed to the visitors. It is believed that keeping this pot will

bring good fortune.The connection of Kubera with Lakhmi is because of his

notable propensity to collecting gaurding and distributing wealth and also

because of the fact that he pleased Goddess Lakshmi with his devotion toward

Her. Kubera, the head of the mythical yakshas is also regarded as a

keeper of wealth. It is believed that Lakshmi granted Kubera knowledge

regarding the earth's precious resources. Iam quoting from one book which I

read as a child.It was by Swami Sivananda. Kubera: Kubera Loka The

greatly effulgent assembly-hall of Vaisravana (Kubera) is one hundred Yojanas

in length and seventy Yojanas in breadth. It was built by Kubera himself by his

ascetic powers. It is like the peak of Kailasa (mountain) and it outshines the

brilliancy of the moon herself. Being supported by the Guhyakas, it looks as if

it is attached to the firmament. Being adorned with celestial-made large palaces

of gold, it displays great beauty. The death and dying and the life after death

has always fascinated man. This is an excerpt from the book What Becomes Of The

Soul After Death by Sri Swami Sivananda. It is extremely delightful and rendered

fragrant with celestial perfumes. It is ornamented with many great jewels.

Resembling the peaks of a mass of white clouds it seems to float in the sky. It

is painted with colours of celestial gold, and therefore it appears as if it is

adorned with streaks of lightning. Here sits on an excellent seat, which is as

bright as the sun and which is covered with celestial carpets and furnished

with beautiful footstools, the handsome king Vaisravana attired in excellent

robes and adorned with costly ornaments and brilliant earrings, and surrounded

by his one thousand wives. Salubrious and cool breeze blowing through the

generous forests of Mandaras and carrying the fragrance of the field of jasmine

and also of the lotuses on the breast of the Alaka (the celestial river) and of

the gardens of Nandana (the celestial wood) wait upon Kubera. There sing the

celestials with the Gandharvas surrounded by various tribes of Apsaras in notes

of celestial sweetness. Misrakesi, Rambha, Urvasi, Lata, and a thousand other

Apsaras and Gandharvas, all great experts in music and

dance wait upon the lord of wealth. That assembly-hall filled with the notes of

instrumental and vocal music and with the sounds of various Gandharvas and

Apsaras is extremely charming and magnificent. The Gandharvas named Kinnaras

and others, Hamsachura, Vrikshavaspa and many other Yakshas by hundreds and

thousands always wait upon Kubera. The illustrious Lakshmi and also Nala Kubera

always remain there (in that Sabha). Many others often go there. Many Brahmana

Rishis and

celestial Rishis always go there; many Rakshasas and Gandharvas wait there.

There wait upon his friend, the lord of wealth, being ever cheerful and knowing

no fatigue, the illustrious

(deity), the husband of Uma, the Lord of all creatures, the

three-eyed God, accompanied by His wife and surrounded by innumerable spirits,

some of dwarfish stature, some of fearful face, some with

blood-red eyes—some feeding upon fat and flesh, and all armed with various

weapons and possessed of the speed of wind. With cheerful heart hundreds of

Gandharva chiefs attired in their respective robes worship

Kubera. The chief of the Vidyadharas, Chakradhamana with his followers wait upon

Kubera. Many Kinnaras, innumerable kings with Bhagadatta at their head, and the

chief of Kimpurushas, Druma, the chief of the Rakshasas, Mahendra, all wait

upon Kubera. The virtuous Vivishana waits upon his elder brother Kubera. The

mountains (Himalayas), Paripatra, Vindhya, Kailasa, Sunava, and many others in

their personified forms with Meru at their head wait upon Kubera. The

illustrious Nandisvara Mahakala, many spirits with arrowy ears and sharp

pointed mouths and the deep-roaring white bull of Siva, many other Rakshasas

and Pisachas wait upon Kubera. The son of Kubera surrounded by his attendants,

always with his permission, formerly used to worship by bowing his head to

Siva, the Creator of the three worlds. One day the high-souled Bhava (Siva)

made friendship with

Kubera, and from that day He is always present in the assembly-hall of Kubera.

Those princes of all wealth, Sankha and Padma (in their personified forms)

accompanied by gems, wait upon the lord of wealth. The assembly-hall of

Kubera is capable of moving in the firmament. Rare 21 faced Kubera

Rudraksha 21 Mukhi Kuber Rudraksha Twenty-one mukhi rudraksha is the rarest

rudraksha of all,and is the embodiment of Kuber or god of wealth. This

ispossessed by the one who wants to acquire worldlypleasures, happiness and

luxury. It makes the wearerrich and negates any kind of adversity Kuber

Puja: The puja is known as Lakshmi-Kubera puja.

The puja has specific codes and rituals to be followed and specific mantras to

be chanted. The puja can be performed on Full Moon days and on the New Moon day

of the Tamil month Aipasi (October-November). The puja can be performed by

anyone - even the very poor - as the materials required for Lakshmi-Kubera puja

can be secured at practically no cost. Sincerity is most important material

required. I have with me the complete pooja modus to do the Lakshmi

Kubera puja in a grand and comprehensive fashion.I will publish a book on it

soon (and I hope to create a never

before book on the subject).Even otherwise one can do it in a simple fashion

too to invoke Kubera. There are many popular Kubera Mantras and also

Dhanada Yakshini mantras coupled with the Kubera Mantras too to augur

prosperity into our homes.One can safely make use of such mantras.

Even at the end of the Mantra Pushpam we say '...kuberaaya

Vaishravanaaya...' to pay our respects to the gaurdian of food and grains(apart

from wealth). KUBERA MANTRA Om Yakshaya Kuberaya

VaisravanayaDanadhaanyaadhipathaye'Danadhanya SumruthimmeDehi Dhapaya swaha

Wealth and prosperity will increase by chanting the above mantra every day 108

times and visualising a sparkling golden streaked green fire in the heart.

KUBERA YANTRA WORSHIP Either this or the numerical yantra maybe used. I

would prefer this for worship and numerical yantra can be used a locket or for

placing in the cash box after doing pooja. Make the Yantra either in Copper,

Silver or Gold 3 X 3 Size with Nine Squares and numbers to be there by adding

to be 72 and worhip with bilva leaves(vilva elai) and do worship with Lotus

flowers or leaves, and offer ingredients such as as milk, scented water,

javvadhu,attar and then place on Red shawl before the yantra and a lamp in

front of it(5 wicked for grant of boons)with ghee, perform pooja for 72 days by

chanting any powerful kubera mantra. All the rich and wise it is said will be

under the control of the

worshipper. This Yantra Pooja gives success at once. NUMERICAL KUBERA

YANTRAThe speciality of this Yantra is that No. 72 should come by adding the

Number from any side. 9 and 33 are considered Kubera numbers and 7+2 adds up

to 9. EXAMPLE:- 27+20+20+23=72,25+24+23=72 23+28+21=72 27 20 25

22 24 26 23 28 21 ARTICLES REQUIRED FOR KUBERA POOJA Turmeric Powder,

Water, Wooden plank, Yanthra of Kubera small size Cloth, Kalasa, Mango leaves,

Pushpamals, raise, plantan leaves, chandan, Kumkum Coconut, Plantan, Betleaves

supari, Flowers, Deepam, Ghee, Oil, Matchbox, Milk Honey, Curd, Panchamirdam,

Cup, Vessels for Deepam, Dhoopam, Arithi, Sambarani, Utharani, Panjapathiram,

Thirumangalayam, Yaghyopavitham, Cloth, Ornaments, Kheer and Naivedhaya

eatables, Wheat, Rice and Navadanyas They should be kept in separate small

cups.POOJAVIDHIThe `Amavasaya' day in the month of November is auspicious for

the Sri Lakshmi Kubera Pooja. The Yanthra of Sri Lakshmi Kubera should be

placed on a clean cloth and plantan leaf spread over wooden plank on a Friday

or Tuesday at the appropriate time on the Easten side. Kalasa should be placed

on the plank near the yanthira on the right side. It should be filled with

clean water mango leave should be placed in the Kailasa Kumkum, Chandanshould

be applied pushpa Mala should be put. KUBERA DHYANAM Namo Namo Kuberaya

Sanka padam Nidhi Prabho! Suvaranavam Pingaksham Manasa Bavayamyaham|!Kuberam

Pushbaka Gathim Nidhibi Navabiryatham!Dhanadanya Samrridhimme Tvat prasaddat

Mahinthwa!!Sri Mahalakshmi sahitham Dhanakarshana prathamSri kubera Rajam

DhyayamiShuklaam baradharam Vishnum Sashivarnam ChathurbhujamPrasanna vadanam

Dhyayeth Sarvavighnopa ShanthayaOm Bhu, Om Bhu, Om suvah, Om Mahah, Om Janah,

Om Jayaka, Om Taph Om Satyam, Om Tatsavithurvarenyam, Bhargodevasya Demahi,

Deeyajone Prochodayat. Some Vaishnavites feel that Lakshmi and kubera

Lakshmi and Ganapathy should not be joined.They say that such things are a

corruption and will lead to fallacious thinking about Goddess Lakshmi. I have

nothing to comment for such remarks except by way of saying that such

synergistical concepts too exist and it is neither a fecund or febrile

imagination of the Hindus or Shivites. In both cases (Kubera and Ganapathy)

Lakshmi devi is considered as a motherly figure and not in any other

derogatory manner. Mention about Lord Kubera is found in the Scriptures

of buddhisim. In countries like China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,

Japan people worship Kubera as laughing Daily to ward off evils. They worship

kubera in short, flawless, Smiling forms with fat pouch, Kalasa bag ornaments,

Though the religions are different it has been found that Lord Kuberas form is

one and the same.VASTHU AND

KUBERATATVA The Meaning of VASTHU in Sankrit is the place where we live.

The plan of a house can be divided into Eight parts keeping the Hindu Vasthu

Sashtras it is belived that all the Eight parts are protected by divine

shakthis and Navagrahas.The central north part in a house is the abode of the

wealth of God KUBERA. HE resides there to give prosperity and wealth. In the

house doing business in the north side will be very good because KUBERA is

capable of increasing the business. According to geophysics there is more

magnetic attraction inthe north side. Hence people benefit by keeping the front

door in the north side and

that two on top eastern position. Also Northis in the influence of "BUDHAGRAHA"

which will ensure good education, welfare of women and general health. It is

believed in China also that north is the auspicious side. So Indians hang an

ordinary looking glass on the northern side which is favorite to Lord Kubera

to prevent his power from being lost by reflecing it back to the mirror. It

is written in Ramayana that Ravana sought Vishwakarma and Kubera's help to

build Lankapuri and stabilise immense wealth using sound Vaasthu principles.


GAYATHRIOm Yaksha Rajaya Vidhmahe Alikaadeesaya Dheemahi Tannah Kubera

Prachodayath. It is said that whenever Kubera drives his plane to different

destinations gold,silver and pearls drop from his plane and also that he orders

a yakshic form of a bird by name Sindhuka to drop gold from trees in deep

forests to lucky people. Those places flourished in no time.

new roman" color="#407f00">May such droppings fall in your house too with

Kubera's grace! Om Shreem Kareem Aum

Kubera Lakshmi Kamala Dharinyai Dhanakarshinyai Swaha!!

Manija vaahya Vimana VavasthikamGaruda Ratna Dweepa Nidhi Dayakam!Sivasakam

Mukaadathi VibushithamVaragatham Dantham Bhaja thunthilam! Yours yogically,

Shreeram Balijepalli


Purity, Powers, Parabrahmam...



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