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Best Medicine for Piles/ Arthritis / Mental tension / Depression

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Kerala.Planning to come to Kerala during February last andwould like to visit a

good - approved nearby Ayurvadahospital for a complete treatment/cure.Let me

please also ask you, if there can be arelief/cure from diabetes as my father is

sufferingand going week and week day after day. He is at his60's and lost all

his weight and looking very week. Hehas been suffering from diabetes since last

17 yearsand now has to take insulin injections every day tocontrol the diabetes.

Please advice me regarding the above illness andAwaiting to here from you.With

best regards,Binoy Johns--- "Dr. Venu Gopal M.D (Ayurveda)"<dr_venug >

wrote:> Dear johns,> Yes,there is complete cure in ayurveda for>

hypokalemia.Provide me the complete details of your> case and also some

information like, your> age,height,weight,history of other

illness and> medication,your life style and diet style,Bowel>

habbits,sleep,appetite,digestion,etc.These> information will helpful to decide

the duration of> the treatment.> > Johnson <johns_bin > wrote:> Dear

experts,> > I would like to know if there is a complete> treatment/cure for

severe hypokalemia in Ayurveda.> Hypokalemia is a condition when the potassium

level> in> blood goes less than 2.0 occasionally. I have had> severe

hypokalemia recently and taking potassium> tablets daily to maintain the

potassium level in the> blood. Planning to come to India for a complete>

treatment preferably in Ayurveda.> > Please advice me the best possibilities

and the> maximum time/days required.> > Regards,> > Binoy Johns> > Dr.Venu



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respected sir,

my wife is suffering from rheumatoid arthrites since january, 2005.she tooks following medicines from alopathic under Dr. Balakrishanan, Hinduja Hospital ,mumbai.

1. enbrel injection 25 mg-once in a week (presently) , previously twice in a week (till three months)

2. resofos 35 -once a week

3. shell cal-twice daily

4. folvite -daily one tab.

5.tryptomer-daily one tab.

But it has been observed that she feels acute problem if due to any reason could not use the medicine which appears that the disease is not curable.i would like to know sir, is there any treatment in aurvedic so that she may be completely cure.

with regards,

p n pramod

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Hello Pramod,


Please tell your wife to start drinking Aloe Vera Juice regularly. This is the best cure. Tell her to drink one full cup of Aloe vera juice thrice a day empty stomach with warm water. I assure you within 2-3 months she can be alright. Tell her to avoid Salty, spicy, lemon, potato etc. Also she can use MAHANARAYAN OIl for external purpose.


God bless you.

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