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Mantra for Finding Lost Things

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Sat Nam,

I just searched the archives (unsuccessfully) for a mantra I once

learned that can be used to find lost things. I have misplaced my

wedding ring (during the course of an international trip) and realize

it may not return to me. I would like to use the mantra as a last

effort to find it. Then I will know I've done all I can do to find it

and can find peace in that knowledge.

Thank you,

Jai Kartar Kaur

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Guest guest

Sat Nam Jai Kartar,


I searched the net long and hard to no avail for the mantra to find lost

things. The only place I'd ever heard it was in the security office at Solstice.

This year I asked the beautiful soul, who has helped me recover lost articles

for the past four years, to write it down. Now I carry a laminated copy in my

wallet. What a blessing! It has helped me recover countless articles for

myself and others. In the past six months I've recovered a diamond earring lost

at a party, a large sum of cash in a wallet with no identification that fell

off the top of my friends car, a large sum of Rupees in India, A ring lost in

India and found in a suitcase at home. A.cat, numerous sets of keys, and the

list goes on. Lately I've been saying it so often that I just think about saying

it and the lost is found. The success rate of this mantra, for me, has been

about 90 percent recovery.


So Say it with belief and conviction and I'll say it too. Let us know if

you find your wedding ring. And if anyone else is familiar with this mantra,

please share. Thank You Universe for blessing us with Yogi Bhajan and for this

miracle mantra.


WAHE GURU, Dev Dharam Kaur ( Dawn)



Mantra To Find Lost Things

Guru Amar Guru Siri Sata

Kaal Juga Rakhee Pata

Raaj Jog Thakhata Dhiaan

Guru Ram Das

Ardaas Bhaee Amar Daas Guru

Amar Daas Guru Ardaas Bhaaee

Ram Das Guru Ram Das Guru

Ram Das Guru Sachee Saahee




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I have lost my misplaced or lost my passport so is there any way to find. I am really very tired of searching that for all the day for many days. please help me.


Normally for lost things,we have to recite Kaarthaviraarjuna Mantra which any pandit can teach you

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