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The Devi Mahatmaya : The Durgic Process as in the story of Mahisasura

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In the first story, Madhu and Kaitabha are the two asuras that are

supposedly come out from the dirt of the ear of Vishnu. These are

external things. We can see clearly and easy to remove. But the

asuras in the second part of the Devi Mahatmaya are slightly

different. The Asuras came with great battalion: large numbers of

demons, chariots, war animals such as horses and elephants. When I

really look at them closely, they do remind me of the bacteria and to

a certain extend like those cancer cells.


"A great asura named Udagra with sixty thousand chariots, and

Mahahanu with ten millions (of chariots) gave battle. Asiloman,

another great asura, with fifteen millions (of chariots), and Baskala

with six millions fought in that battle. Privarita with many

thousands of elephants and horses, and surrounded by ten millions of

chariots, fought in that battle. An asura named Bidala fought in that

battle surrounded with five hundred scores of chariots. And other

great asuras, thousands in number, surrounded with chariots,

elephants and horses fought with the Devi in that battle."



To me these asuras look more like the bacteria that harbor in our

body. The bacteria that floats about in the air and the things that

we touch. We can't see them but they are there. Only via

microscope you are able to see their activities and how virulence

they can be.


Only when you are trained you can understand their pathogenesis and

knows how to treat them. Now not all bacteria are harmful to our

body. We do harbor certain amount of bacteria in our body e.g. in the

large intestines where these bacteria serve a function in the

production of the fecal matter. But as long as these bacteria remain

in the large intestine, everything is okay. Problems start when these

bacteria start to travels to an area where they have no business to

be, like in the urinary tract system or the nervous system where

sterility is very important. This is what we called infection which

if not properly treated can leads to death.


Cancer cells are not a foreign body. All of us are born with cancer

cells but they are inactive. Only to certain group of people these

cancer cells suddenly began to be reactive and starts to be

aggressive and eventually to death.


What is the difference between cancer cells and the bacteria?

Structurally they are different but in terms of their association

with our body, they are dangerous when they become active in our

body. They can cause DEATH. Cancer cells are more dangerous than

bacteria because cancer cells are like PEST that attached to our

body. They are indeed PEST that eats up our good cells. While we

slowly goes into malnutrition state, the cancer cells grew larger and

larger. Both the Bacteria and the Cancer cells are PEST. They might

seen different structurally but they are PEST nevertheless because

they FEED on us. They depend on us. Once they have enough of us (

DEATH ) they go to another.


Back to our Devi mahatmaya story. We are being related of how the

The great asura general Ciksura, seeing that army being slain (by the

Devi), advanced in anger to fight with Ambika. That asura rained

showers of arrows on the Devi in the battle, even as a cloud

(showers) rain on the summit of Mount Meru."


"Camara, the afflictor of devas, mounted on an elephant,

advanced. He also hurled his spear at the Devi. Ambika quickly

assailed it with a whoop, made it lusterless and fall to the ground.

Seeing his spear broken and fallen, Camara, full of rage, flung a

pike, and she split that also with her arrows"


In us we always have this needs. The need to be praised. The need to

feel important. When these needs are not being meet, we become

aggressive and demanding. We went into this uncontrolled rage.


Camara eventually interestingly enough being killed by DEVI's



There's another interesting character, which caught my attention:

"Baskala with six millions fought in that battle. He is

fierceless asuras." He reminds me of an aggressive person. Who


in aggressiveness as sign of masculinity and heroism? Eventually DEVI

herself killed him " with a dart". Like an inflated balloon,

just with one `dart" they disintegrate.


Once all these principle demons are being killed by DEVI. Mahisasura

has to come up in the open to fight with DEVI. He has nowhere else

to hide. In the fight he go into transformation:


"Seeing the great asura swollen with rage and advancing towards

her, Chandika displayed her wrath in order to slay him. She flung her

noose over him and bound the great asura. Thus bound in the great

battle, he quitted his buffalo form then he became a lion suddenly.

While Ambika cut off the head (of his lion form), he took the

appearance of a man with sword in hand. Immediately then the Devi

with her arrows chopped off the man together with his sword and

shield. Then he became a big elephant. (The elephant) tugged at her

great lion with his trunk and roared loudly, but as he was dragging,

the Devi cut off his trunk with her sword. The great asura then

resumed his buffalo shape and shook the three worlds with their

movable and immovable objects. "


Mahalakshmi, The Nourisher and Preserver of life in this second tale

demands that we not just killed these PEST but burn them. They have

no place in our spiritual journey. They feed on our FOOD anad our

WEALTH. While they grow larger and bigger, we are being deprived and

become malnutrition. We should not show mercy to them. We do not

write poetry nor sing bhajan songs to them "Oh! Great PEST, could

you kindly leave us alone" or put up a red carpet and show them


exit door.


Mahalakshmi reminds us that these PEST need to be cut off. If you

have to hunt them down and find for their primary source, do so. They

come in all shapes, size and like a chameleon they go into an every

transformation because that is their nature. Their survival instinct.

They will never leave us for they are too comfortable in us. Feeding

the FOOD that is meant for us.


The Sadhana of Durga is the path of the "warrior who is not

afraid". It takes a great courage to look at our inner feelings and

thoughts. Our anger, hate and other weaklings that we harbor within

ourselves. To dissect them and thereafter burn them ourselves.


The Sadhana of Durga is not meant for those who cannot take high

power pact action because it is a process of high spiritual tension.

It's like watching a war movie that is uncensored. The only

difference is that in this movie you are watching yourselves being

dissected, being beheaded and being killed. If you could emerge from

it without being stirred, then you have made it. You are a hero.

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But Idon';t know this basic thing that how hanuman ji & bhairon ji are associated with devi maa & are displayed in picture altogether.

pLEASE help me if you know the reply with justification.

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hello this is zalina and i would like to ask pujarie 5 two questions you seem to know alot about the devis and devatas and you probably manifest them also and i value your knowledge and experience so my questions are 1-can somebody take away or tye your shakti from you and 2--how come when poeple go to someone who have skakti some get help and others don't eg if 5 poeple go to the same one person with shakti 3 get help and 2 don't get help please explain this to me i appreciate the info and thanks alot have a blessed day

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