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The dude Vasishtha chewing some blades of grass with the dude Rama

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I shall now declare to you


the creation and its secret.


For, it is only as long as one invests


the perceived object with reality


that bondage lasts;


once that notion goes,


with it goes bondage.


Here in this creation


only that which is created grows,


decays and then goes to either heaven or hell,


and gets liberated.


During the cosmic dissolution,


the entire universe is resolved into the infinite being,


which is variously designated as


Self, Absolute, Truth, etc., by the wise,


to facilitate communication and dialogue.


This same infinite self conceives within itself


the duality of oneself and the other.


Thence, mind arises,


as a wave arises when the surface of the calm ocean is disturbed.


But, please bear in mind that just as a bracelet of gold is but gold


(and though gold exists without being a bracelet,


a bracelet does not exist without gold or other metal),


the qualities and the nature of the created


and the potentiality of creation


are inherent in the creator.


The mind is non-different from (has no existence independent of)


the infinite self.


Even as the mirage appears to be a very real river of water,


this creation appears to be entirely real.


And, as long as one clings to


the notion of the reality of 'you' and 'I',


there is no liberation.


Not by merely and verbally denying such a notion of existence


is it obliterated:


on the contrary such denial itself becomes a further distraction.


Rama, if the creation is in fact real,


then there is no possibility of its cessation:


for it is an immutable law that


the unreal has no real existence


and the real does not cease to be.


Austerity, meditation and such other practices


can therefore not cause its cessation or enlightenment.


As long as the notion of creation lasts,


even the contemplation (samadhi)


in which there is no movement of thought (nirvikalpa)


is not possible.


Even if it were possible,


the moment one returns from such contemplation,


the creation with its sorrow arises in the mind.


Movement of thought creates the notion of created objects.


Even as the essence in all things,


as oil exists in sesame seeds,


as aroma exists in flowers,


the faculty of objective perception


exists in the perceiver.


Even as the dream objects are experienced only by the dreamer,


the objects of perception are experienced by the perceiver.


Just as from a seed the sprout arises in due time,


this potentiality becomes manifest as the notion of creation.





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the same old misinterpreted and athiestic (misinterpreted) Yoga Väshishta prattle....


ya guys can change even the interpretations of Authentic Scriptures such as Yoga Väshishtha....


and ur brazen and zonked culture is well visible through ur upbeat lingo....


shame... ya guys are just too sleazy to hold such Pure Scriputres that pre-require core-purity!:crazy:


read....misinterprete....and get liberation...





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