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Found 1 result

  1. "Those who stay detached from dreaming are very very very very very very dear to Me" - Krishna. Now that would be kind of nice. To be so x 9 dear to someone who has power. Offcourse I am thinking selfish, but life is too hard not to. The reason why Krishna states this is cause he states that those who seek for the absolute truth are very dear to him and dreaming is instead insanity. When a person is attached to dreaming he might perform negative things in states known by psychiatry as psychosis. But, In dreaming, like the dark heaven of the dreaming moon, is where it contains toxics and sexual energy. Water is an element like sperm and when the water is heated not to say the moon it expresses first air when the water is coming out. After the energy of air and water, toxics appear, as the mountains expresses dust of poison. It is our lifestyle: Breathing, then eating, then duying. The thing here is that attachment to dreaming is not chosen. One becomes "attached" actually by sleep. As poison contains gravity and as the mountains contain poison, so when the mountains fall downwards they crash into eachother and create sparks of fire. So "trying-to-stay-detached-from-dreaming-knowing-it-in-concentrated-energy" becomes as well attachment to dreaming. An action done to stay detached will need concentration in the state of dreaming. So what is the solution? The solution is using opposite psychology to the Source of that causes attachment to dreaming. "Knowing one is not the doer of ones actions..." - Krishna. Why did he say that? Cause we are controlled by the heavens. First water comes from the heavens, then to the earth. Same as sunrays. Stars are spiders, look alike and in astrology they are used to realize future incidents. The sun is red and light a symbol of the physical race, the moon is a symbol of the white race. So what is this opposite psychology to the "Source"? The moon is the source and it is by many down to earth people known that it is a magical element. It actually does something with the waves of the sea and some people before some years ago when the moon showed as super big warned us. A bit later the earthquack in Japan happend. So it is magical and contains magical powers. By, when the water falls downwards after the moon is attached to dreaming, meaning in light, heating and giving light from below that area one can actually balance the moon so it does not "over-express" the attachment to dreaming. Opposite of the opposite of sun, the moon that is, that falls in sleep downwards and creates fire is light and heat giving it upwards making darkness. The fire will make the steam go upwards and the "mixed darkness and light moon" will seeze from excessive heated concentration, in other words, evil. In this way not only this galaxy but similar ones will live much better life.
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