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  1. :) There are some who are trying to prove that they are this and that. Oh well! This is a discussion forum. One can speak for himself freely and not be restricted to post in any of the threads except when the article is pornographic or plagiaristic. If one don`t understand this then what can we do? Krsna gave us freewill and suffer or reap the consequence later of what we may have done. I believe we are all sane here, right? Hehehe


    Who knows what other universes are like? This one is permeated by envy and competition. Perhaps in other universes there is more symbiosis and cooperation? There is an interesting sci-fi book EVOLUTION'S SHORE by Ian McDonald which explores this possibility.


    :cool: Even if this world is filled with envy and competition still there`s no place like home. Just be careful...


    Is material world a real place?

    Is spiritual world a real place?


    If you answer yes, then the boundary between the two is real as well. That place is called the tatastha region.


    The Viraja River of Brahman flows between the two worlds and is a home to tatastha-shakti, or living entities like you and me.


    :cool: Have you watched the movie the Golden Compass starred by Nicole Kidman and this wonderful girl named Lyra? It`s about a parallel world out there similar to ours. The only difference is that they have companions throughout their lives called demons whom they could talk with. These demons are in the form of tigers, rats, racoons, canine, etc. In our world, these demons are within us not without.


    Funny, gentlemen!!


    Further evidence in support of Srila Prabhupada's assertion:




    Just think how many folks' bodies may have been killed by standard emergency-room procedure!!!

    To Treat the Dead


    The new science of resuscitation is changing the way doctors think about heart attacks—and death itself.

    By Jerry Adler | Newsweek Web Exclusive


    Consider someone who has just died of a heart attack. His organs are intact, he hasn't lost blood. All that's happened is his heart has stopped beating—the definition of "clinical death"—and his brain has shut down to conserve oxygen. But what has actually died?

    As recently as 1993, when Dr. Sherwin Nuland wrote the best seller "How We Die," the conventional answer was that it was his cells that had died. The patient couldn't be revived because the tissues of his brain and heart had suffered irreversible damage from lack of oxygen. This process was understood to begin after just four or five minutes. If the patient doesn't receive cardiopulmonary resuscitation within that time, and if his heart can't be restarted soon thereafter, he is unlikely to recover. That dogma went unquestioned until researchers actually looked at oxygen-starved heart cells under a microscope. What they saw amazed them, according to Dr. Lance Becker, an authority on emergency medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. "After one hour," he says, "we couldn't see evidence the cells had died. We thought we'd done something wrong." In fact, cells cut off from their blood supply died only hours later.

    But if the cells are still alive, why can't doctors revive someone who has been dead for an hour? Because once the cells have been without oxygen for more than five minutes, they die when their oxygen supply is resumed. It was that "astounding" discovery, Becker says, that led him to his post as the director of Penn's Center for Resuscitation Science, a newly created research institute operating on one of medicine's newest frontiers: treating the dead.


    Biologists are still grappling with the implications of this new view of cell death—not passive extinguishment, like a candle flickering out when you cover it with a glass, but an active biochemical event triggered by "reperfusion," the resumption of oxygen supply. The research takes them deep into the machinery of the cell, to the tiny membrane-enclosed structures known as mitochondria where cellular fuel is oxidized to provide energy. Mitochondria control the process known as apoptosis, the programmed death of abnormal cells that is the body's primary defense against cancer. "It looks to us," says Becker, "as if the cellular surveillance mechanism cannot tell the difference between a cancer cell and a cell being reperfused with oxygen. Something throws the switch that makes the cell die."

    With this realization came another: that standard emergency-room procedure has it exactly backward. When someone collapses on the street of cardiac arrest, if he's lucky he will receive immediate CPR, maintaining circulation until he can be revived in the hospital. But the rest will have gone 10 or 15 minutes or more without a heartbeat by the time they reach the emergency department. And then what happens? "We give them oxygen," Becker says. "We jolt the heart with the paddles, we pump in epinephrine to force it to beat, so it's taking up more oxygen." Blood-starved heart muscle is suddenly flooded with oxygen, precisely the situation that leads to cell death. Instead, Becker says, we should aim to reduce oxygen uptake, slow metabolism and adjust the blood chemistry for gradual and safe reperfusion.



    :cool: I watched that movie Stargate, wherein an alien residing inside the body of a boy had to lay down himself inside this chamber to stop the process of ageing. That`s why the alien maintained his youthful look. Similarly a body severely traumatized or dying if put into that chamber is repaired back to normal. No resuscitations or surgey done whatsoever on that body. Well, it`s just a matter of time when modern technology perfects this type of machine. Then we shall all live forever! Just be careful you don`t get run over by a speeding bouldozer!


    :smash: Sorry, no quotes from Swami Prabhupad this time...

    My days of whining and complaining about others have come to an end. Nothing is easier than fault-finding. All it will do is discolor my personality so that none will want to associate with me. That was my old life. No more.


    Og Mandino




    The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything.


    Georg Wilhelm Hegel




    Another reason why we do not regard others as precious is that we pay attention to their faults whilst ignoring their good qualities. Unfortunately we have become very skilled in recognizing the faults of others, and we devote a great deal of mental energy to listing them, analyzing them, and even meditating on them! With this critical attitude, if we disagree with our partner or colleagues about something, instead of trying to understand their point of view we repeatedly think of many reasons why we are right and they are wrong. By focusing exclusively on their faults and limitations we become angry and resentful, and rather than cherishing them we develop the wish to harm or discredit them. In this way small disagreements can easily turn into conflicts that simmer for months.






    Do not look for faults in others, but look for faults in yourself, and purge them like bad blood.


    Advice from Atisha’s Heart




    We communicate happiness to others not often by great acts of devotion and self-sacrifice, but by the absence of fault-finding and censure, by being ready to sympathize with their notions and feelings, instead of forcing them to sympathize with ours.


    Adam Clarke




    Never allow anyone to rain on your parade and thus cast a pall of gloom and defeat on the entire day. Remember that no talent, no self-denial, no brains, no character, are required to set up in the fault-finding business. Nothing external can have any power over you unless you permit it. Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealously, and envy.


    Og Mandino





    Truly, the Internet has facilitated this "Golden Age of Quarrel". We can meet people from all over the globe and insult them from the comforts of our own homes!!




    :cool: It took weeks months for navigator Ferdinand Magellan and his spanish companions to reach the shores of Cebu, Philippines and insult the natives with their religious crap. Now, with the help of the Internet, it takes only several minutes to return that rap.


    When I look into this I can see a lot of common things being described in Srimat Bhagavatham and in the New Testament. My feeling is that both of them refer to the same hence proving that God is universal


    :cool: That His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad was the Christ who came to redeem us for the 2nd time. That all who believe in him will be saved!

  8. :idea: Man`s developing sophisticated technology because he`s planning to go to outerspace. Planet earth is dying. I watched that movie Stargate and it seemed so real to me. Of course, we can go to the other planets only if we lose this body by accident or suicide. All we have to do is tune-in to say, Pluto or Polestar, then give-up this body ASAP. But first we have to have a vision of these planets before we could go there. As I said, modern technology`s contribution is that someday Mankind can immediately evacuate planet earth anytime the moment she becomes inhabitable, " Spark, activate Startrek and let`s go to Dhruvaloka!" Aye, aye, captain!"


    Is Kula advocating that we support modernity?:deal:


    Are we to tread the path of the life extension movement?:eek:


    Are we to worship at the temple of new stem techonolgy?:crazy:


    C'mon Kula give us all an update on how we can all benefit from living in the 21st century post-Soviet era!!!:smash:


    :cool: Nothing is permanent except change. No one is comfortable anymore these days whenever he/she goes out without bringing with him/her his/her celphone.


    . Not so bewildering when one considers that a substantial number here haven't had a proper education and gone through the hoops of academia. I can only pity them.


    :cool: I graduated medicine in 1983. I took my post-graduate course in medicine in 1984. Before that I graduated BS in Medical Technology. I took the licensure exam for physicians in 1985 and failed. I retook it again on December 1986. I got my license to practice the art of medicine on Jan 1987.


    Mel's been here for over seven years, on and off, working on his English, playing with his computer, and reading and pasting Gaudiya writings. One day he may encounter that change of heart that is described in the first chapter of the Srimad-Bhagavatam. And why not?



    For a few years Mel may have had an imaginary friend here called viji_53


    It seems there were a number of imaginary friends according to Jahnava-Nitai's comments on this 2001 thread and also in these summary threads throughout the years.


    :cool: Melvin was searching for the Absolute Truth in the early 80s. He couldn`t discern why he was born into this world. What was his real identity and his mission in life. Until he met his childhood friend, Guarasundar das, a Krsna devotee and lent him his books Srimad Bhagavatam. Then Melvin started copying Swami Prabhupad`s purports and shortened them to a size one could understand. Then he compiled them and started submitting these articles to The Freeman, a local daily.

    Melvin was elated when the editor-in -chief agreed to have these articles published in the paper`s Views and Comments under a column named A Grain of Devotion by Naradadeva Bhagavan. When the first copy hit the streets, Melvin was so happy. Because it was the first time the people of Cebu would be able to read Swami Prabhupad`s purports.

    Melvin was convinced he had a mission and that was to propagate the Krsna consciousness movement in the area where he was born. He kept on submitting Krsna conscious articles to The Freeman. Until one day, someone wrote to the paper that Naradadeva Bhagavan was no other than Melvin. That he was a charlatan so on and so forth.

    Melvin didn`t earn a single centavo from the venture and yet the time, effort and logistics he spent having published Swami Prabhupad`s purports was matchless! When his column was abolished, Melvin in the late 1999s decided to surf the net and try his luck at writing Krsna conscious articles anywhere there was space. Here he found www.indiadivine.com. The website where he could show to everyone he means business.


    End of Story


  12. :cool: We call brahmana in our area a catholic priest. Because he earns a living preaching God consciousness. He`s practicing celibacy. Maybe not all of them are carnivorous. There are exceptions to the rule. But believe me, I`ve been touched( not literally) by a catholic priest. Because of that I no longer ostracize one. Forgiving what their mistakes are. After all, we are only humans here in this forum. Nobody`s perfect. & that`s the truth. We are all hypocrites if we don`t accept that!


    What new could be expected from you, gHari? I wonder if you don't fall asleep when you read your own worthless posts at times. If I were you, I sure would. At least, I have the guts to publicly state what I am. On the other hand, you are a sick, self-righteous, holier-than-thou goody-goody who deserves to be completely ignored and given the silent treatment, nothing less. And that is exactly what I shall proceed to do from now on. Expect no more replies, whether on this thread or any other.


    :cool: There`s always truth to the saying that you can`t please everyone!


    All the great Vaishnava Acaryas like Sri Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Visnusvami and Nimbarka strictly prohibit to accept dubious so called spiritual leadership, ruin your life and go to hell. Blind faith, blind believe, walking on thin ice, being disoriented, to agree getting hoaxed, not being 100% sure - all terms which DON'T exists in the Vaishnava vocabulary and vigerously rejected by genuine members of the Brahma-Madhava-Gaudiya Sampradaya.

    Already when it comes to the rules of what is brahmana, no cheating is possible.


    :cool: One can`t detect a real brahmana if one hasn`t been touched by a real one

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