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  1. Brahman is a Job Title.


    Catur-varnas are job titles ---each job done by those that are befitting the responsibilities to do their own part for society & for theirown quota of enjoyment.



    Each four societal divisions of worker (Brahmana, kshatrya, vaisya, sudra) are united in the Catur-ashramas (four spiritual sacraments):

    Brahmacarya, Grihasta, vanaprasta, sannyas.


    These 4 societal divisions + 4 spiritual sacraments = varnashrama dharma.


    This is the complete picture. All the divisions of workers must cultivate the 4 spiritual sacraments, so that in old age all society is revered as 'wise'.

  2. karma phalam?


    Your weekly salary is an example of karma phalan.


    Ekadasi fasts, sadhu-seva, Hari-nama, charity to the very worthy, blessings (or even curses) of a sadhu, recitation of the Gita, dandavats to the murti,

    Bhakti-yoga is the best mechanism too.

  3. "remembering some unresolved issues."

    "remembering some unresolved issues."

    "remembering some unresolved issues."


    They are all yours.

    Mantra meditation is all about focusing the mind.

    The challenge of becoming expert in Mantra meditation is that the mind will always "Interrupt" the Mantra meditation.


    This "Interruption" of the Mantra meditation is usually mundane wandering thoughts, more wandering thoughts, and even more wandering thoughts.


    All that seems to be occu4rring with you is that YOUR wandering thoughts are specifically caught-up with overcoming certain issues; or, simply, during the time of Mantra meditation ---you have found some available time to think about the "unresolved issues" ---such issues are bound to surface among the many other more mundane wandering thoughts.


    The idea of releasing 'physical stress' [accrued during obliged (mental & physical) duties of one's waking hours] that have left residual effects of various parts of one's mental & physical being would require a relatively restfull moment to 'release'.


    Taking a nap during a drive on the motorway is not stressfull until you re-awake . . . and when one revisits the memory of doing such risky behavior.


    Recently Lord Sri Krsna appeared in my dreams.

    1 He was quite tall,

    2 was shining like gold

    3 and had flute in his hands.

    4 He looked at me

    5 as he was walking in the clouds

    6 and before I showed him to my mother ---he vanished.

    7 As I am staunch believer in Lord Shiva,

    8 I don't know what to make out of this dream.

    9 I never dreamed of any god before in my life.

    10 Any sincere devote can help me with this dream.

    11 Thanks alot






    Shankara is none-other than Krsihna's Brother Balarama.




    What else is dharma for, to save ones own arse?

    It is about preforming proper duties!


    We have an ideal opportunity to do our job ---Before Krsna disappears and we can accomplish what good we did prior that allowed for our present good karma ---Time is passing by!


    You know what is what ---do not conflate it with self-centered ego-desires.


    A Shivite that dreamt of Krishna ---is confused??????


    What is absolute versus what is not absolute ---is the question.

  5. To conceive a child of spiritritual conciousness is what

    Garbhadhana-samskara is all about.


    Below is a link to excerts that I compiled for reference.

    These varied excerpts are from A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami's commentaries in his published translations of Bhagavata-Purana ---so these are varied comments surrounding the topic of "How To conceive a child of spiritritual conciousness".


    It will be helpfull to you to further research the sole topic called, "Garbhadhana-samskara" as popularly known by orthodox Hindus.




  6. You must fast on Ekadasi [the 11th Day after the full moon (waxing or waning) twice a month] ---it starts at dawn and lasts 214 hours till the following day's dawn.


    Full fast is best (no drink nor food) ---but it is enough to abstain from all grains & legumes (pulses/beans).



    PREFACE: Neither the merit one receives by taking a bath in the sacred place of pilgrimage known as Sankhoddhara, where the Lord killed the Sankhasura demon, nor the merit one receives upon seeing Lord Gadadhara directly is equal to one sixteenth of the merit one obtains by fasting on Ekadasi.

    It is said that by giving charity on a Monday when the moon is full, one obtains a hundred thousand times the results of ordinary charity.

    O winner of wealth, one who gives charity on the day of the sankranti (equinox) attains four hundred thousand times the ordinary result.

    Yet simply by fasting on Ekadasi one obtains all these pious results, as well as whatever pious results one gets at Kurukshetra during an eclipse of the sun or moon.

    Furthermore, the faithful soul who observes complete fasting on Ekadasi achieves a hundred times more merit than one who performs an Asvamedha-yajna (horse sacrifice).

    One who observes Ekadasi just once earns ten times more merit than a person who gives a thousand cows in charity to a brahmana learned in the Vedas.

    A person who feeds just one brahmacari earns ten times more merit than one who feeds ten good brahmanas in his own house.

    But a thousand times more merit than is earned by feeding a brahmacari is achieved by donating land to the needy and respectable brahmana, and a thousand time more than that is earned by giving away a virgin girl in marriage to a young, well-educated, responsible man.

    Ten times more beneficial than this is educating children properly on the spiritual path, without expecting any reward in return.

    Ten times better than this, however, is giving food grains to the hungry. Indeed, giving charity to those in need is the best of all, and there never has been or ever will be a better charity than this.

    O son of Kunti, all the forefathers and demigods in heaven become very satisfied when one gives food grains in charity.

    But the merit one obtains by observing a complete fast on Ekadasi cannot be measured. O Arjuna, best of all Kurus, the powerful effect of this merit is inconceivable even to the demigods, and half this merit is attained by one who eats only supper on Ekadasi.

    One should therefore observe fasting on Lord Hari's day either by eating only once at midday, abstaining from grains and beans; or by fasting completely.

    The processes of staying in places of pilgrimage, giving charity, and performing fire sacrifices may boast only as long as Ekadasi has not arrived. Therefore anyone afraid of the miseries of material existence should observe Ekadasi. . . . excerpted from the Bhavisya-uttara Purana.



    Here is the satric story from Excerpted from the Bhavisya-uttara Purana:


    Lord Sri Krishna:

    “I will tell you why Ekadasi is the most purifying of all days.

    In the Satya-Yuga there once lived an amazingly fearsome demon called Mura.

    Always very angry, he terrified all the demigods, defeating even Indra, the king of heaven; Vivasvan, the sun-god; the eight Vasus; Lord Brahma; Vayu. the wind-god; and Agni, the fire-god. With his terrible power he brought them all under his control.


    "'Lord Indra then approached Lord Shiva and said, "We have all fallen from our planets and are now wandering helplessly on the earth. O lord, how can we find relief from this affliction? What will be the fate of us demigods?'


    "'Lord Shiva replied, "O best of the demigods, go to that place where Lord Vishnu, the rider of Garuda, resides. He is Jagannatha, the master of all the universes and their shelter as well. He is devoted to protecting all souls surrendered to Him.'"


    "Lord Krishna continued, 'O Arjuna, winner of wealth, after Lord Indra heard these words of Lord Shiva's, he proceeded with all the demigods to the place where Lord Jagannatha, the Lord of the universe, the protector of all souls, was resting.


    Seeing the Lord sleeping upon the water, the demigods joined their palms and, led by Indra, recite the following prayers:


    "'"O Supreme Personality of Godhead, all obeisances to You. O Lord of lords, O You who are praised by the foremost demigods, O enemy of all demons, O lotus-eyed Lord, O Madhusudana (killer of the Madhu demon), please protect us. Afraid of the demon Mura, we demigods have come to take shelter of You. O Jagannatha, You are the doer of everything and the creator of everything. You are the mother and the father of all universes. You are the creator, the maintainer, and the destroyer of all. You are the supreme helper of all the demigods, and You alone can bring peace to them. You alone are the earth, the sky, and the universal benefactor.


    "'"You are Shiva, Brahma, and also Vishnu, the maintainer of the three worlds. You are the gods of the sun, moon, and fire. You are the clarified butter, the oblation, the sacred fire, the mantras, the rituals, the priests, and the silent chanting of japa. You are the sacrifice itself, its sponsor, and the enjoyer of its results, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Nothing within these three worlds, whether moveable or immovable, can exist independent of You.

    O Supreme Lord, Lord of lords, You are the protector of those who take shelter of You. O supreme mystic, O shelter of the fearful, please rescue and protect us. We demigods have been defeated by the demons and have thus fallen from the heavenly realm. Deprived of our positions, O Lord of the universe, we are now wandering about this earthly planet."'


    "Lord Krsna continued, 'Having heard Indra and the other demigods speak these words, Sri Vishnu, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, replied, "What demon possesses such great powers of delusion that he has been able to defeat all the demigods? What is his name, and where does he live? Where does he get his strength and shelter? Tell Me everything, O Indra, and do not fear."


    "'Lord Indra replied, "O Supreme Godhead, O Lord of lords, O You who vanquish the fear in Your pure devotees' hearts, O You who are so kind to your faithful servants, there was once a powerful demon of the Brahma dynasty whose name was Nadijangha. he was extraordinarily fearsome and wholly dedicated to destroying the demigods, and he begot an infamous son named Mura.

    "'"Mura's great capital city is Chandravati. From that base the terribly evil and powerful Mura demon has conquered the whole world and brought all the demigods under his control, driving them out of their heavenly kingdom. He has assumed the roles of Indra, the king of heaven; Agni, the fire-god; Yama, the lord of death; Vayu, the wind-god; Isha, or Lord Shiva; Soma, the moon-god; Nairrti, the lord of the directions; and Pasi, or Varuna, the water-god. He has also begun emanating light in the role of the sun-god and has turned himself into the clouds as well. It is impossible for the demigods to defeat him. O Lord Vishnu, please kill tis demon and make the demigods victorious."


    "'Hearing these words from Indra, Lord Janardana became very angry and said, "O powerful demigods, all together you may now advance on Mura's capital city of Chandravati"

    Encouraged thus, the assembled demigods proceeded to Chandravati with Lord Hari leading the way.


    "'When Mura saw the demigods, that foremost of demons started roaring very loudly in the company of countless thousands of other demons, who were all holding brilliantly shining weapons. The mighty-armed demons struck the demigods, who began abandoning the battlefield and fleeing in the ten directions.

    Seeing the Supreme Lord Hrsikesha, the master of the senses, present on the battlefield, the furious demons rushed toward Him with various weapons in their hands. As they charged the Lord, who holds a sword, disk, and club, He immediately pierced all their limbs with His sharp, poisonous arrows. thus many hundred of demons died by the Lord's hand.


    "'At last the chief demon, Mura, began fighting with the Lord. Mura used his mystic power to render useless whatever weapons the Supreme Lord Hrsikesa unleashed. Indeed, to the demon the weapons felt just like flowers striking him. When the Lord could not defeat the demon even with various kinds of weapons - whether those that are thrown or those that are held - He began fighting with His bare hands, which were as strong as iron-studded clubs.

    The Lord wrestled with Mura for one thousand celestial years and then, apparently fatigued, left for Badarikashrama. There Lord Yogeshvara, the greatest of all yogis, the Lord of the universe, entered a very beautiful cave named Himavati to rest.

    O Dhananjaya, winner of wealth, that cave was ninety-six miles in diameter and had only one entrance. I went there out of fear, and also to sleep. There is no doubt about this, O son of Pandu, for the great fight made me very tired. the demon followed Me into that cave and, seeing Me asleep, started thinking within his heart, "Today I will kill this slayer of all demons, Hari."


    "'While the wicked-minded Mura was making plans in this way, from My body there manifested a young girl who had a very bright complexion. O son of Pandu, Mura saw that she was equipped with various brilliant weapons and was ready to fight.

    Challenged by that female to do battle, Mura prepared himself and then fought with her, but he became very astonished when he saw that she fought him without cessation. The king of the demons then said, "Who has created this angry, fearsome girl who is fighting me so powerfully, just like a thunderbolt falling upon me?' After saying this, the demon continued to fight with the girl.


    "'Suddenly that effulgent goddess shattered all of Mura's weapons and in a moment deprived him of his chariot. He ran toward her to attacker with his bare hands, but when she saw him coming she angrily cut off his head.


    Thus the demon at once fell to the ground and went to the abode of Yamaraja. The rest of the Lord's enemies, out of fear and helplessness, entered the subterranean Patala region.


    "'Then the Supreme Lord woke up and saw the dead demo before Him, as well as the maiden bowing down to him with joined palms. His face expressing His astonishment, the Lord of the universe said, "Who has killed this vicious demon? He easily defeated all the demigods, Gandharvas, and even Indra himself, along with Indra's companions, the Maruts, and he also defeated the Nagas (snakes), the rulers of the lower planets.

    He even defeated Me, making Me hide in this cave out of fear. Who is it that has so mercifully protected Me after I ran from the battlefield and went to sleep in this cave?"

    "'The maiden said, "It is I who have killed this demon after appearing from Your transcendental body. Indeed, O Lord Hari, when he saw You sleeping he wanted to kill You. Understanding the intention of this thorn in the side of the three worlds, I killed the evil rascal and this freed all the demigods from fear.


    I am Your great maha-sakti, Your internal potency, who strikes fear into the hearts of all Your enemies. I have killed this universally terrifying demon to protect the three worlds. Please tell me why You are surprised to see that this demon has been killed, O Lord."


    "'The Supreme Personality of Godhead said, "O sinless one, I am very satisfied to see that it is you who have killed this king of the demons. In this way you have made the demigods happy, prosperous, and full of bliss.

    Because you have given pleasure to all the demigods in the three worlds, I am very pleased with you. Ask any boon you may desire, O auspicious one. I will give it to you without a doubt, though it be very rare among the demigods."


    ""The maiden said, "O Lord, if You are pleased with me and wish to give me a boon, then give me the power to deliver from the greatest sins that person who fasts of this day.

    I wish that half the pious credit obtained by one who fasts will accrue to one who eats only in the evening (abstaining from grains and beans), and that half of this pious credit will be earned by one who eats only at midday.

    Also, may one who strictly observes a complete fast on my appearance day, with controlled senses, go to the abode of Lord Vishnu for one billion kalpas after he has enjoyed all kinds of pleasures in this world.

    This is the boon I desire to attain by Your mercy, my Lord, O Lord Janardana, whether a person observes complete fasting, eats only in the evening, or eats only at midday, please grant him a religious attitude, wealth, and at last liberation."


    "'The Supreme Personality of Godhead said, "O most auspicious lady, what you have requested is granted. All My devotees in this world will surely fast on your day, and thus they will become famous throughout the three worlds and finally come and stay with me in My abode. Because you, My transcendental potency, have appeared on the eleventh day of the waning moon, let your name by Ekadasi. If a person fasts on Ekadasi, I will burn up all his sins and bestow upon him My transcendental abode.


    "'"These are the days of the waxing and waning moon that are most dear to Me: Tritiya (the third day), Ashthami (the eighth day), Navami (the ninth day), Chaturdasi (the fourteenth day), and especially Ekadasi (the eleventh day).


    "'"The merit one attains by fasting on Ekadasi is greater than that achieved by observing any other kind of fast or by going to a place of pilgrimage, and even greater than that achieved by giving charity to brahmanas. I tell you most emphatically that this is true."

    "'Having thus given the maiden His benediction, the Supreme Lord suddenly disappeared. From that time onward the Ekadasi day became most meritorious and famous all over the universe. O Arjuna, if a person strictly observes Ekadasi, I kill all his enemies and grant him the highest destination. Indeed, if a person observes this great Ekadasi fast in any of the prescribed way, I remove all obstacles to his spiritual progress and grant him the perfection of life.


    "'Thus, O son of Prtha, I have described to you the origin of Ekadasi. This one day removes all sins eternally. Indeed, it is the most meritorious day for destroying all kinds of sins, and it has appeared in order to benefit everyone in the universe by bestowing all varieties of perfection.

    This was excerpted from Utpanna Ekadasi [from the Bhavisya-uttara Purana] as found in the celebrated book, "Ekadasi: The Day of Lord Hari" 1986. pages 13 - 22. HH Krishna Balaram Swami. Bhaktivedanta Institute Press.


    Mantras are not a 'requisition forms',

    Mantras are not incantations ---Mantras are not for fullfilling base desires or whimsical wonder-lusts ---Mantras are prayers to focus the attention away from external stimulai and thus meant to bring the meditator in union with the soul ['soul' rather than the gross-level body & material elements].

  8. A Mantra is meant for repetition during sitting-silent meditation [if recited aloud, there is no difference except that the environs can benefit too].


    The mantra is a tool for focusing the minds wandering tendency.

    The practice of mantra usage is aprt and parcel of 'devotionals' ---not attempts at magic.


    If the meaning of each word of each mantra were known as well as one's native tongue, then it would be clear WHY to repeat a mantra.


    Practice yoga & meditation ... and naturally one will have a mantra to recite as part of the "meditation" discipline.


    By recitation of a mantra:

    1 - The mind stops "jumping from thought-to-thought" [this takes repeated practice]---and thus, the mind becomes 'mind-full' while being 'without any particular though-in-mind' ---when the above yogic practice is near-perfected, this state becomes a state of conscious awareness without focusing on any thoughts: non-thought-filled awarness [aka, being in the zone]. The sense of being an individual conscious soul is all that is left whenever the mantra stops being repeated . . . then the mind's thoghts & the body's stimulai kick back in ---and one returns to the hustle & bustle state of regular walking/talking/work life. The empty state of no-thoughts while being fully aware and thus, temporarily without desires [ergo, thoughts] is a blissfull state. Why? Because it is without anxiety regarding loss and distress or gain or impositions of any kind.


    This state that is attained through practiced sitting meditation is a means to know Brahman-Realisation. The Soul is made of Brahman (consciousness) and when the Mind stops pre-occuping itself with thinking about desires and plans et al ---it can sense itself.


    2 - After "Brahman"-Realisation is steady in it's understanding and ramifications (ie: A sample of Brahman selected from any place and time and distance is NO different from any other sampling; IOW Brahman is absolute in all regards.) So, since the soul is a part and parcel of brahman ---each soul in You & I & all Creatures is the same brahman ---except that each point of light (an individual soul) is indivisable and each soul is its own insoluble POV. Each soul is an individual entities all onto its own; each soul is part and parcel of Param-atma, the Supreme Soul. God the personage is the Supreme Soul with a name fame form personality paraphenalia entourage and pastimes in a place Eternal transcendental (no influence of passing time, ie: Creation/maintainance/dissolution) to the material manifest cosmos the we souls in this material world see and enjoy during each life time as time goes by.


    3 - After the above is understood 'as absolute' and that all lessons are learnt by disciplic chain of succession, we engage in the lessons taught by Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita. That even in the most ghastly circumstances, perform your duty and seek no reward beyond your lot in life as a means of transcending the mundane world ---as a devotional penence to The Supreme Personality of Godhead, from whom all personality arises to engage the souls in pastimes ... either in timeless heaven or in the temporal material world of repeated births and death.


    the maha-mantra:


    hare krishna hare krishna

    krishna krishna hare hare

    hare rama hare rama

    rama rama hare hare




    Can someone point me to a text that describes Goloka not in a Purport..





    Goloka; Goloka-vrndavan; tri-pad-vibhuti; Vaikuntha:


    In the Padma Purana, Uttara-khanda, there is a full description of the yoga-pitha, or the particular place where the Lord is in audience to His eternal devotees.


    Also, here are the Verse & Chapter in the Bhagavata Purana that address these words and their related synonyms:






















  10. Classic old-time 20 min Silent Meditation:


    1 - Sit alone quietly, eyes closed, wait a moment . . . then


    2 - Silently repeat a short mantra(mono-syllabic is Okay) or prayer-mantra.


    3 - Repeat step #2 for 20 minutes*.


    4 - At finish, direct attention to any points of discomfort in the body. End.



    *During step #2-3, the mind will wander away from the task of the mantra repeatition. When that happens, simple return to repeating the mantra.

  11. Tirisilex,

    Yes of course. I am Vaishnava though.

    I'd like to say a few things ---that should not be said to bonefidely trained Advaitists.

    Agian, This should not be said to bonefidely trained Advaitists.

    a. Advaita is not a yoga-path nor a yoga process ---it is the "Conclusion" to study of Vedanta.


    Q) What is the conclusion of Vedic studies?

    A) The conclusion of Vedic studies is "knowledge that all is Avaita".

    Advaita is not a verb (action). Advaita is philosophical conclusion based one philosophical theorem: "All is one".

    Advaita is not a system of philosophy ---it is the logical "Conclusion" to a logical argument that brings you nowhere particular nor leaves you anywhere particular ---because of the "Concluding Statement": "All is one".

    ie: Yes, but "All is one". Or, no, because "All is one".

    Logically, it is true and correct ---BUT THERE IS MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM!

    b. For all the writtings contained in the "Advaitists" vedic cannon of literature . . . the "Advaitist" have only one pronouncement: "All is one".

    All the cited verses of the highest "Advaitic Philosophy" is summarised in one statement: "All is one" and thus the debate halts. Why so many verses saying the most rudimentary thing over and over again, as if it may be be so easily forgotten if not repeated?

    Why is there not something more to it? Where is the study of the 24 elements? Where is the study of "control" of lust? Where is the study of Social ills? Where is the study of silent meditation? Where is the study of Gyan? Where is the study of Karma? Where is the study of Time? Where is the study of Jiva? If all is one as per the internet Advaitists then there is no need to expand upon these other points ---yet the Vedas do and the internet Advaitists do not.

    All of these topics hould be part and parcel of the Advaitic conclusion . . . because it is written in the Vedas, yet these topics not cited by internet Advaitists.

    c. Why is not Classical silent meditation not spoken of constantly???? ----"All is oneAll is oneAll is one". But what about "Classical silent meditationClassical silent meditationClassical silent meditation"??? Why is "Classical silent meditation" not stated up-front by internet Advaitists? Do you know why it is not spoken in-depth by internet Advaitists? I think you do but...!

    d. The Gita is 700 verses. ---please "K.I.S.S."--- yet why is it neccessary for the internet Advaitists to go on an expedition to find profound Vedic verses without mastering knowledge of the Gita? Do you know why it is not spoken in-depth by internet Advaitists? Is it because they know the Classical definition of the word Bhagavan, according to the Vedas?

    e. Advaitists that declare themselves as Shivites et al ---yet state that Advaita is the conclusion of their Devotional Yoga Study of "All is One" are guilty of reducing their ista-deva to a non-existing being. The family tree of the personalities that oversee the functioning of the Cosmos are persons (devatas). Their common grandfather is Lord Brahma ---this is all delineated in the Vedas.

    f. "All is One" is a very fundamental and easily understood concept. But there is much more then just a sentiment that does not stop repeated birth and death.

    Thanks, for letting me say a few prepatory things on this subject.



    BTW, here one for the ages:

    Classical Silent Mantra Meditation


    didn't mean it as sarcasism


    That's totally cool! I think I was being sarcastic ~so we nuetralised eachother's post



    When does Krsna pull the plug on the matrix? I have read Bhagavad Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam, and CC but I can't remember the exact time lines.



    I posted this data here at the "Vedic Verses" threads ---but it came out too small to read properly ---so here is a link of the same where it is larger and some-one posted related hindu astrology stuff that is over my head.



    It shows the of the 4-Yugas + the 14 Manu's Life-Span + Lord Brahma's lifespan all in one expanded-view diagram as per India's Vedas.

    My scriptural source from whence I condensed this data is the "Bhagavata-purana" aka, 'Shrimad-Bhagavatam'.


    with best regards, yet another Hare Krishna Wellwisher,



    4 Yugas, 14 Manus, Brahma's lifespan Grafix - Interfaith forums


    Let me know if this is lacking data.

  13. Here is a grafix representation designed for ease of comprehension.

    It shows the of the 4-Yugas + the 14 Manu's Life-Span + Lord Brahma's lifespan all in one expanded-view diagram as per India's Vedas.

    My scriptural source from whence I condensed this data is the "Bhagavata-purana" aka, 'Shrimad-Bhagavatam'.


    with best regards,

    your own personal secret Hare Krishna Wellwisher,




  14. BEFORE all Phenomena is erased:


    "The Material World according to the Vedas & Bhagavad-gita"

    The "8 elements" (From gross to Subtile) that compose all creation:











    The above 8 elements all exist within an all-encompassing void ---that cannot be seperated from these "Elements" ---these two comprise the topic called "Duality".


    The 8 "Elements" are thrown into flux by [as per vedanta writ] the ever fluxing influence of the "Three Gunas":


    (This is Bhaktajan's comparison):

    "Raja-guna = YING" //+//

    Tama-guna = YANG . . . //+// . . .

    Sattva-guna = Maintenance]


    In the material world there are these 8 elements and the space that it occupies.

    The Three modes-of-nature [the "Three Gunas"] are the underlying mechanics of the combination(s) of these elements . . . all thus, causing TIME to transpire.



    Jiva-atma [lit. individual-soul] The Conscious Individual Soul = animated self-centered sensual-gratification seeking creatures whose bodies are composed of the above delineated inanimate 8 elements.


    Brahman = the void/Space


    Brahman = the individual 'knot' of an individual soul [1/10,000th the size of the tip of hair & brighter than Ten Suns]


    Param-atma = [lit. supreme-soul aka God omnipresent as the life-force nucleus of each animate soul].


    Bhagavan = The Suprema Persona of Godhead Transcendental.


    The Hindu Trinity [3-Aspects of God self-expansion that comprises the Material (and BTW, the Spiritual Energies too)]:

    1 Brahman

    2 Param-atma

    3 Bhagavan


    The Jiv-atma (and BTW, the Spiritual Energies too) is composed of three qualities ---


    1 Sat = Eternality (non-material 8 elements)

    2 Chitta = Cognisance (aka, consciousness)

    3 Ananda = Bliss


    The Jiv-atma is free to seek out ABSOLUTE HELL and its many permutations


    The Absolute Personality of Godhead as revealed in the Vedas . . . ASAP.


    It is now several decades before your passing to the great "samsara" cycle of birth-and-death, yet again ---Do you know where your copy of the Bhagvad-gita as it is translated by a bonefide teacher in the succession of the Compiler & Historical biographer of the Vedic age, Vyasadeva who recorded for posterity the pastimes of Krishna's appearence, at the start of this present age of 'Kali', where Krishna's words are directly benedicting the Warrior Prince Arjuna along with all those that have ever partaken of the sublime & profound knowledge that was imparted in the Bhagavad-gita?


    why does Brahma have to commence creation again the next day?


    There is a "Partial-annihilation" of the planetary systems up to and including all below Janah-Loka.


    WHY? ---I will have to keep in mind this question when I eventually come upon this issue in my future readings, Thank you.


    It may be related to the "Three Planetary systems" being realms where one of the Three-Modes [sattva/Rajas/Tamas gunas] predominates. Of course, Brahma-loka et al stay around while the lower areas are inundated ---That would include the SUN Planet too at least up to the top of Aloka-loka Mountain Ranges at the perimeter of Bhu-mandala over the top of Mt Meru; just below Dhruva-Loka's North Star Planet.


    To see a graphix that I drew from the data in The Bhagavatam click this link:


  16. I am in search of a living master to initiate me.

    I want to spend at least 1-2 years in India on a spiritual journey.

    I have considered various ashrams, but what seems to be missing is the presence of a living master.


    This is so noble. Don't invest all your worth in this goal. Yet, invest all your worth in this goal.


    Be balanced and somber and methodical.


    There will be two schools of Hindu paths ---Personal & Impersonal.

    Theoritically, you have traveled the paths of Impersonal teachings in past lives of yoga training.

    That is why you seek to 're-link' to yoga again.


    All asram denizens are bound to relie on each other. A living Guru is usually a Guru-kula teacher or a temple priest or an ashram president who invites all to stay temporarily to 'be trained-up' in brahminical disciplines.


    Weather one stays brahmacarya or leaves to be among the greater world of frutive workers ---one must be fixed up in Yoga, whilst traveling anywhere, and this is best accomplished by proper education by those that represent bonefide paramparas.


    Lastly, DO NOT TELL ANYONE THAT YOU ARE RETIRING [especially if only temporarily] TO AN ASHRAM.

    Leave first then notify your kin afterward. [This is per Canakya pundita & Bhaktivinod's advise].


    After one hundred such years, when Brahmā dies, the devastation or annihilation takes place





    Brahma lives for 311 trillion years [solar years as per the Planetary orbits among the higher planetary systems].


    4,320,000 earth years = one "Catur-yuga"


    "Catur-yuga" x 1,000 = one day of Brahma [aka, Kalpa aka, 12,000 years of the Devas]


    One day-Time Kalpa of Brahma = 4,320,000,000 earth years +

    One Night-Time Kalpa of Brahma = 4,320,000,000 earth years =

    24 Hours of Brahma [aka, One Day and One Night of Brahma].


    One Day and One Night of Brahma x 30 = One Month of Brahma.

    One Month of Brahma x 12 Months x 100 Years = Brahma's Life-span.


    Brahma's lives 100 years of the Devas = 311 Trillion solar earth-years.


    At the end of each Day of Brahma [30 per Month, 60 per year, 6,000 per life time] there is a "Partial-annihilation" of the planetary systems up to and including all below Janah-Loka.

  18. This is a by-product of the body's expelling acidic compounds.


    Water aides digestion ---What are you digesting?


    The body uses three main organs to rid the body of acidic compounds:


    Lungs (expiration),

    Skin (persperation).


    Please research the topic: "pH in the Body"


    The three above organ system "buffer" nasty elements in the body [tranversed via the blood stream] the buffering is done with the aide of Vitamiins & minerals that allow for enzymes to work their metabolic roles.


    A bad diet will leach-out those Vit/Min stores leaving one w/o the ability to do this task ---thus a build-up of 'acid-base(s)' in the blood stream which will still dump the abundant acids in encapsulating sheaths of body "fat".


    Eventually all body fat is simply storage places for un-buffer-able acid-like chemicals ---One must Flush out & replenish the Vit/Min needs of the organs that do the buferring. The buffering is accomplished by nuetralising the acid with the alkaline Vit/Min(s).

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