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  1. Good day, dear Forum Members

    Some time ago my father had a vivid dream that intrigued me to the bone. An Indian looking woman told him "Anande Ha Ni", he woke up & scribbled down her message "Anand Hani". He is not into spirituality nor languages, he just instinctively felt her message is important to want to remember it.
    Since that morning I've been digging Sanskrit forums, as I recognised the word Ananda for Bliss. I am not sure if the phrase consists of two or three words, nor of its real origins. So far I got:

    Ananda - Bliss
    Ha - Meditation or Water or Silence (different suggestions from different forums)
    Ne - through (as in path, go through)

    I am rather intrigued as I take it she told my father: "The path to Bliss lies through Meditation/Water/Silence" or something along the lines.
    Now, It could be that these are not two separate words "Ha Ne/ Ha Ni" but one Hane/Hani, yet I have not found anything that I like that fits the puzzle yet....
    I also remain humbled by the fact that notwithstanding different semantic meanings (but after all not that surprising) both Meditation and Water have Silence in common. Whether you meditate or dive, you meticulously observe your respiration (or lack therof). Whichever way you go about it reaching that inner Silence indeed feels Blissful. 

    Looking forward to your thoughts, I cross my fingers a language carrier can kindly shed light on this mystery*
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