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    Avg av is mediocre.Best is avira followed by avast.For cleaning after attack use malwarebytes antimalware(free) followed by full scan of disk with AV.

    the following forums will be of help .



    Malwarebytes is about maleware and will not do anything for viruses.


    AVG is about viruses and will not do anything for maleware.


    Slow or not, both are needed. I'd rather have a slow comp than problems. Besides, its really not all that slow, at least not on mine and my comp itself is rather slow. Anyway, be safe. And good luck. :)



    Prtha devi dasi

  2. O ye of little faith. sigh.


    Even if by chance there is some (material) evidence that man walked on the moon, isn't it interesting one is viewed as blinded by faith, rather than having genuine faith. After all, science is proving and disproving itself regularly. In any case, I once read a post here explaining that there are "shadow" planets which are rock, etc. If anything was walked on, it was that, not the heavenly planet known as the moon.

  3. Oh, there is so much I could say here my head is spinning, yet not. :) The fact is, we are 'not' trying to follow 'their' traditional Hinduism, but Prabhupada's transcendental teachings. If Prabhupada said we can have Ratha Yatra on different dates (which he did), so we do like that. To burn an effigy of him is ridiculous, won't change our minds in the least (therefore making it more ridiculous), as well as a white elephant offense. Of course it would be great if there was a way to wake them up so they won't make such an offene, but I can't think of any. And as one poster mentioned, they are jealous.

  4. Coconut oil helps some with hypothyroidism, not all. Iodine only helps those who have an iodine deficiency (which is rare these days) and not those who have Hashimoto's or Autoimmune Hypothyroidism. This is where the body is attacking and killing off the thyroid little by little. One of the first and most important things to do is "stop" the antibodies from attacking the thyroid. I own and run an egroup, as it was very hard to find a vegetarian one, so many doctors and some patients said, 'now you must eat meat.' Hogwash! Anyway, that's why I started a group. For those in need of further info on "autoimmune" type of thyroid disease only, check out:


    Check it out and see if its a good fit for you as an individual.


    Jai Prabhupada! The body may get sick, but he has saved our souls. :)

  5. Thank you for getting toys to these children! Its great to help them be kids, as it only happens once in a persons life.

    When I first read this post/newsletter, in my mind I thought "Some devotee is going to say this is maya." Well, it didn't happen quite that way, and I also realize it has been explained. It just is something I've heard for so long, and now a grandmother, if anyone were to try to take toys away from my grandchildren & tell them to get to work, well they'd have me to deal with. haha


    I do tho, see a question in it all, about how it can 'also' be fun to play with stones, leaves, sticks, use the imagination. Its why I "also" made sure my kids had some of that while growing up. But they had toys from the store too. And labor? Kids should not be overworked. That's why in America there are always against it, cuz its wrong. But should they never do chores? It builds character to help out around the house, plus they feel they are included. Now, the children you have given toys and fun to are not simply helping out around the house, they are impoverished, probably the family is forced to somewhat depend on the income the child brings in, etc.




    IMHO its about balance.


    Living in luxuary as we are in the west (even during times of recession we have more than these kids and their parents!), is also not balanced. There often are kids with too many toys and don't apprecaite them. But as somene who likes Dr Phil :) I'd have to say "Who bought them too many toys? They can't buy them for themselves, unless the parent helps or lets them do that too." Anyway, my point is, balance. We have too much, which in turn may cause someone to think what these kids are living is a healthy lifestyle of nature and responsibiltiy or not getting spoiled; whereas they have too little and need some play time, "things" cuz those who grow up with no things can lead depressed adult lives, or actually become materialistic! You did a great thing by giving them toys, it will help them to remember Krishna is kind, so in trun they will be more and more drawn to Him, instead of bitter cuz they did not have a childhood, like so many of our own Gurukulis. Thank you!


    [Afterthought: Maybe some in the west with too many toys can send them to the children who need them. :) Volantarily of course.]


    Just like the integrity of some letters attributed to Prabhupada is now in question because they were actually written by his secretaries, I'm wondering about various other transcripts, like those used to make the book "Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers".


    I've heard this before but thought it was over.


    Not saying this is your belief, simply in general: I find it starting that some believe Prabhupada was unaware of what he was signing. Just cuz he spoke his letter to his secretary who next typed it up, Prabhupada read and signed it. One example is his Will (not trying to get into that tho, just making a point.) He had given specific dictation, which the devotee did not approve of, so he changed it. Then he brought the Will back for Prabhupada's signature, but Prabhupada would not sign it. No, we can not think Prabhupada was covered over as we might be. He surely knew everything he signed. Everything. We should not doubt his awareness. .... Just my two cents.


    Yea, so can drinking through straws and eating food heated up in a microwave. :rolleyes:

    Good point. I just love incense so much, with candles running a close second, guess I don't understand why someone would not understand. Simultaneously am glad folks ask instead of assume. In any case, all kinds of things in this age of kali cause cancer. Those would be my first priorities to try to remove from my life. Incense? Yum, I can smell it just typing the word! Sandalwood and Frankincense. So inspirational! :pray:

  8. Too much smoke inhalation causes cancer, poor quality incense may also cause cancer (so spend a few more bucks and buy the good stuf ha), burning candles or incense in an enclosed environment may contribute to cancer, etc. Long ago in the forest or even temple but also in a open area, this was not such a concern. These days, open the windows when necessary! :) Additionally, since essential oils heal, and (quality) incense is made from flowers, herbs, etc., than it too would be healing when used properly.

  9. Yes, this thread is still active! Thank you. And the more you post, the easier it is to access. However, if you prefer the myspace link, please put it here. You gave me permssion some time back (in previous posts) to use your stuff in my newsletter, and I have been! People love it! So please either keep posting here or kindly share the myspace link. Thank you for your service.

  10. Gotta say, I agree with raga. My husand and I both knew Amala Bhakta when we lived in L.A. (long time ago) and he worked very hard on these tapes, had bills to pay like anyone else, only to have countless devotees make copies with few actually purchasing his cassettes. Personally, I understand those who are really poor doing that, but these days more and more devotees have a few bucks to spare.

  11. You probably have all you need, but this is a little different. My husband and I have both experienced GERD. I had it worse. Then we bought this book of natural cures and it stated that raw organic apple cider vinegar will cure GERD. Often this is related to digestive problems. So while I recognize devotees may avoid vinegar, its clearly not like its meat :-) and it is for medicinal purposes. With that said...


    The author instructs to put two spoonfulls of it in a glass of water and drink before meals. My husband was fine with that, but I couldn't stand it. Tho did find I could put it on my sald, even rice, even in my dhal! And my digestion has improved because one cause of GERD (as well as some digestion problems) is not too much acid, but too little.


    Long story short, when the body has too little acid and food is entering, it artifically produces too much to try to compensate. Anyhow, it worked for us.

  12. It is the next day and to be honest, I am just so shocked at those last two replies and my feelings are hurt. Do you really think ITV put out something offensive about Srila Prabhupada? Something that is mundane? No, everything is transcendentally explained. Besides, with or without explanatin, it just IS transcendental. Next time before passing judgment:



    If this person is NOT a disciple, then their motives are very much in question.

    ....you might first want to find out what the motive is, first scroll up and read all the posts where you would have learned 1) I wanted this to help other Vaisnavas. 2) It was a story told on the "Prabhupada Memory Tapes." And 3) ASK me instead of accuse me. 4) Click on my profile, my past posts, my links and find out before making such a bold accusation .... if I am NOT a disciple...., etc etc etc. And dear 'guest,' if going to be so quick to speak in such ways, have the courage to sign your name.

  13. Good grief, there is no offense in this topic if you truly believe Prabhuapda is a pure devotee and nothing touches him. The purpose of this topic, which I explained, is to help others with children who have mental illness! Not to analyze the past of the spiruital master. AND this story was on the Prabhuapda Memory tapes, so there is no offense. After all, a fact is a fact, and no one should fear the truth about Prabhupada will change his position. That he had a son with this, so what? Getting more info would help other Vaisnavas, but I guess thats been killed off. Well, if faith is so weak, maybe it is better to not talk about it, but my goodness, how surprising... o ye of little faith.


    "This person" me - joined the movement in 74.

  14. Thank you to all who have answered my question. I have a use for this info.


    Guest, you said "He did start a court case with ISKCON in Bombay about 1990." Really? I was under the impression he never returened. So which son is it? I remember some sort of legal thing, but forget now what happened. In any case, and I am not speaking spirutally now ... but did he get healed of his mental illness? In order to do such a thing he would have to have pretty good thinking capacity.


    And you mentioned there is info in the folio, but I had no luck. Maybe wrong key words? I tried "mental illness son" or similar, but nothing on his own son. What key words did you use?



  15. I once read here on these message boards, admittedly years ago, that Prabhupada had a son who was mentally ill. The story went 'something like' his son had this disease, Prabhupada took him to all kinds of Psychiatrists and whatever else he could locate, but nothing worked and ultimately his son wandered off into the woods never to be seen again.


    Now, has anyone else heard this? And if so, I could sure use the details, as well as the source you get it from. I am not asking for the source to doubt or challenge anyone (not at all), but because those I wish to share it with, those who need help, they would ask me for the source. Anyway, thanks for listening.

  16. Trisilex,


    Yes, some Schizophrenic, as well as overall psychotic episodes, can be contact with the ghost world. Tho hard enough contacting and dealing with people in this world ha, dont need extra distractions. So IMHO, if it can be healed, heal it.


    I have an egroup which contains documents and links on alternative healing for both Bipolar and Schizophrenia. They have medical back up too. It works if you do.


    If interested, check out: Krishnas_Distance_Healers



    About a year and a half ago, my family had a tragedy. I wont go too into it here, but the short answer is, a loved one developed a diagnosed form of Mental Illness. The initial shock and feeling of helpness was overwhelming. No one should have to go thru that! As I did my research, I discovered natural solutions for many. Now, I dont want to keep them to myself.


    If you have a child, family member (etc) diagnosed with a serious form of Mental Illness (Psychosis, Bipolar, Schizophrenia) I started an e-group for caretakers or helpers of the Mentally Ill ('not' for those afflicted with it - sorry) so we can interact & find various ways to help one another. Rather than repeat, you can read the info better on the front page for yourself.




    OR - you may not need this but a friend, etc., could use it. In that case, please feel free to pass it on.


    Thank you for loaning an ear.



  18. Babru,


    I only have a minute, but this is sad news and I am so sorry for you as well as your sister. I once saw a special show on healing, as in pranic, and long story short, in addition to curing this young man who was crippled from a car accident (docs said he'd never walk and to amputate his legs -but he refused amputation) he was cured. And later it showed how a lady was cured from ALS.


    Now, I dont want to create any false hopes, but I do think its worth investigating. I dont have the guys web site exactly (will find it if you can't), but the oringal healer has since passed; however left his knoweldge to the young man from the car accident. Its something like mitchelmay.com I think that may even be it! If not, email me and I will find it.


    When a lot of prana or ki is pumped into a person, that's often what they were in need of, and is the invisible force behind healings doctors, scientists, etc., don't see and can't figure out.


    If a lot of people learn some form of reiki or energy or pranic healing, they can administer it to her intermittently all day, taking turns. Tho also its most important to get an experienced, highly qualifed healer, thus the site. If it were me, I'd do both... if I could. Anyway, good luck with this! Please keep us updated.


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