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    If we are straight forward, sometimes we might end up hurt others. My Question is: how to be straightforward without hurting others.


    When we are compassionate and try to help others, some people may try to exploit us because of our nature. How to have a compassionate and helping nature without getting exploited.


  2. __________


    he must have high regard for you, he put out his Vishnu wallpaper for pic of you then changed back again!



    Nope!! He had some car or other wallpaper. He later changed it to Vishnu.




    I suspect he loves Bible other scriptures, so he quotes from them, which when you think about it, it very good.



    Well, He is not interested in bible. He thinks that by quoting verses about love from religious books, he could change my opinion about bhakti or thinks that I would like him.




    Tell me make his own stuff up. Get married have kids, who can recite poetry then he and you can be satisfied lol/



    I am sorry. I could not understand the above sentence.


    He said that he started liking me by dreaming abt me, what does that mean---It means he lusts for me~~~~thatz sick.


    Let me start reading a book on Vyasaraja Thirtha. Bye for now. Takecare





  3. Hi


    I would like to know the difference between Bhakti( Love for God) and love( u may call it kama or lust for a woman or man).


    The reason why I am asking this question is because there is a friend of mine who says that he is apparently in love with me and quotes verses about love from the Bible or other scriptures. I think these verses about love in scriptures are love or bhakti for God.


  4. Hi all,


    One of my very close friend is a spiritual being in the sense, she worships Vishnu, Ganesha and Raghavendra swamy. I once asked her to read Bhagavat Gita and told her that if she follows it correctly, she will be ever happy. She says that she cannot give up her desires so she does not wont to read the book. As we were speaking, I just told her the humans should mate only to have children, but she disagrees, she says that mating is for pleasure and enjoyment. What could I say; I thought that there is no use speaking to such people about adyatma and stuff.


    Why do they worship god when they do not know that they should strive for God realization. I have also seen people make business out of God. I mean, they pray to God and say things like " God if you give something, I will give you something back in return like say 100 coconuts or bananas". What can they give him back in return when he is the one to gives us everything.


    Finally I came to one conclusion that if Krishna wants them to be like that, what can an insignificant being like me do.


  5. Be fearless and pure; never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life. Give freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful, loving, and full of the desire to serve...Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation. Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle; show good will to all. Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride. Then, you will achieve your destiny.


    By Krishna Paramatma

  6. My Parents are tooo tooo toooo Good, I think i'm the most luckiest to have such nice and lovely parents. My mother is most caring and father tooo is very goood.


    I know I want to study something,but really confused at this point. Anywanys I'll write an entrance test in IIM and other institutes this year end just to get a feel of those tests. I have to start preparing for the next year entrance tests. I had given myself 1 year to do the sadhana and then study. But I wasted that time although I did it to some extent.

    I have to start preparing from coming January. But what worries me is that I cannot do anything like sadhana later cause I work. My routine will be like Work, study for tests, Work Prepare, Work Prepare day after day for the next 10 months from Jan and then if I get selected, then routine will be like Go to College, come back , study, etccc and nooo time for GOD. I know stuff like Karma Yoga, but gradually I forget everything.


    Madhvacharya has explained very beautifully abt Karmayoga in Gitatatparya and GitaBhasya that Everyone has to perform Karmayoga and it will make our minds to be strong enough to continue sadhana.

  7. What if I dont like studying it???


    I have no interest in Science or Buisness, I like creative things like Designing, Animations and Photography etc. But my parents want me to get a Master's degree, so that I can earn lotza money in the future, get a wealthy husband etc. They say that designing etc will not get me money and I shld get a master's degree. I feel its soo stupid.


    I feel that I dont need their type of husband cause My Vishnu, my Guru Raghavendra and Madhva saints are there to protect me for life long and after.

  8. Why is it that wealthy people are respected, even thought they would have earned it in unappropriate ways?


    Are MBA, MS, ME degrees really important to life? I think its useless to study. I feel that I will be wasting my time studying useless stuff and dumping useless information into my mind. I would forget God because we need to put in lot of time and effort for it, in doing so, I will not be having time to think of God, read Bhagavata or Gita or recite Vishnusahasranama. I feel that I will waste precious 2 years in doing so.

  9. I'm not Rude here....

    But would like to mention something....


    Only a god realised person has all the qualities....mentioned in the Gita, I am nooo god realised one......I'm striving for it....Do u have all the qualities in u???? that u r saying that i'm not serious......please stop finding fault with others..look into urself first ...pleaseeeee.


    By the Way...I'm in Bangalore....Thankz others for asking me to visit ISKCON temple..I have been there once..I prefer going to Raghavendra swamy matha on a regular basis......Anyways I have the blessings of Guru Raghavendra swamy, SriVyasathirtha, Sripadarajathirtha, Jayathirtha, Vadirajathirtha, Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa, Vijayadasa etc.....Madhvacharya and my beloved SriHari.


    Thanks for ur advice...Bye

  10. Hey, I think i'm very serious abt Atmasakshatkara....self or God realisation.

    I sometimes feel that i'm going to exteremes....I try to concentrate and remember God most of the time, I feel that i'm ignoring people or being self centered. I'm am planning to study MBA in a year or two . The only reason i postporned studying was that I wanted to do some Sadhana(very serious)So that I will not forget Lord Vishwadhruta in the future while studying etc and the other reason being that my parents might get me married in a year or so. I do not know what sort of people will they be to continue the Sadhana in such intensity, I hate going out with my friends, watching TV etc etc etc etc .....I'm soo engrossed in this stuff that I dont feel like speaking to anyone....if i start talking....something inside me says that i should stop speaking and think of the lord Vishwadhruta as i might forget him.



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