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  1. hi i don't want to alarm you but i had that feeling for few years while meditating with a transcendental meditation mantra and then after few years i got an epileptic seizure. i had spoken with a friend who is a meditator also and he is a psichiatris and he said the tingling sensations in the forehead could be a sign of a coming epileptic seizure.... if i was you i would stop and get an eeg just to be safe...




    Hi all
    I am having a tingling sensation between my eyebrows. I had this feeling first when I meditated along with a preceptor.I have been listening to lectures of various masters for a week. constantly engaging my mind in trying to analyze what I have been listening. Now suddenly I feel this wonderful feeling and when I concentrate on it, that keeps my mind so still like having zero TPS(thoughts per second).
    I just want to understand why this happened, what does this indicate and where this would lead to?
    Please shed some light.
    Thank you all.

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