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  1. My dear friend,

    In practicing Dhayan( I call it art of attention not meditation). 


    First of all one has to know that human body and mind are constantly changing, that is it is in state of Flux. So no sensations one experiences are permanent, all the sensation are impermanent no matter how good or painful they are, they have arise to end. 


    So the main aim and goal of the true"Dhayan"you may call it Meditation, as it is used by every one, is to purify the mind from the habit of multiplying the three habits that is Craving, Aversion and Ego. Which are called as three poisons on the mind, which are responsible for the unhealthy mind and body.


    So the technique of meditation should be helpful in transforming the unwholesome habit of multiplying ill will and hatred, anger and animosity, to the wholesome habit of developing goodwill and love, peace and harmony, with in, and thus one, practicing the purity of mind with the help of observing the flow of natural breadth, in and out continuously, and making the mind sharp and sensitive to observe the sensations and considering all the sensations, whether they are pleasurable sensations or painful sensations, all types of sensations experienced during meditation are impermanent and have arisen to go away, so no attachment to those sensations should be made, which is very harmful, and through these sensations mind develops the habit of multiplication of miseries( craving, aversion and ego). So the sensations are very powerful tool and the only tool to train the mind to be in equanimity. And this equanimity of mind will bring peace and harmony to the miserable life, which is one experiencing through the five sense organs of the body with the mind, as the sixth organ.


    So the goal of the meditation is to purify the mind, and only a purified mind can experience real peace, real harmony, real love, real compassion, when the mind has developed habit to be in equanimity, in every situation arising in mind and body phenomenon.


    May all be Happy... be Peaceful... be Liberated from the ignorance of self and live a healthy life mentally and physically.


    May there be Peace.... Peace.... Peace... Every where.

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