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  1. Please accept my respectful obeisances, All glories to Iskcon Guru Vrinda, All glories to Srila prabhupada,


    I am wondering what is the proper practise for chant japa, Some devotees advoacte to only hear the sound vibration, others advocate that we should at the same time meditate on the form of the Lord when we chant. Can anyone pls explain?

  2. Please accept my respectful Obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada, All glories to Iskcon guru Vrinda




    The Gurus first duty according to Sastra is to chastise his disciple, we should not consider this Vaisnava Aparadha! The Guru must find fault. That fault finding is done out of love and compassion for the disciple and the Guru is hoping to help his Sisya to get free from these impediments that block Him from serving the Lord properley.


    What distinguishes Vaisnava Aparadha from other fault findings and criticism is the underlying mood. If there is envy in the fault finding, belittling of another devotee, hate, etc then that is Vaisnava Aparadha.


    Vaisnava aparadha is so devastating that a topmost Pure devotee can fall down if his diciples commit Vaisnava Aparadha.

  3. Please accept my respectful Obeisances, All glories to Srila Prabhupada,


    Maharaja, Ganja usually refers to the plant material in its basic form, dried or fresh. It widely refers to any form of cannabis.


    Hashish is a resin made from the flowers, by extracting and compressing the THC producing glands of the bud.

  4. What does Krishna say, Even though a devotee may commit the most abominable activity? still to be considered saintly. If thats Krishnas instruction, why we disobey? At least they tried to be a devotee, among millions, who even tries? To try and fall down is glorious. At least they joined and helped push the movement. that is never lost, no loss or diminuition. The worst devotee is better that the best Karmi.

  5. Its funny as well how you assumed Tommy Gouranga must have been a young devotee! How do you know hes not a full time book distributor from the early eighties. I agree completely, if we are not doing anything to help people out there who are in ignorance then how can we claim we are even trying to be a devotee ourselves. Kripa sindhu bye eve cha. A devotee is full of compassion for the fallen conditioned souls. Prabhupada was non stop travelling and preaching. So are we going to just sit back, taking advantage of the hard work Prabhupada and his disciples put in so we actually came to Know about Krishna ourselves. Or are we going to really show we have any appreciation and gratitude for recieving this priceless matchless gift of Krishna consciuosness, and go out and give it to others. That is the real issue. Not he said, she said, and he said he didn't. Maya.

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