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  1. Pranam


    To achieving enlightenment and become a monk ? Very nice, but its a strong desire of gaining/wanting where Pure desire is not found. Pure is Suddha Chintan is the fulfillment of spirituality e.g only desire of God will make you reach to a Guru automatically. 

    Yeah You are right .Achieving enlightenment in my sense is to know the truth which is to find God in oneself and in everything.I used the word enlightenment in that context.I think that sanyasa is the only way through which I can get it  fulfilled.Moreover I find this materialistic world a mere false thing .So I thought that I need a guru who can help me. That is why I am searching for one who can clear all my doubts and show me the right path.May be it is not a pure desire but I think slowly one day or the other I will find a path that will lead me to God .thank you

  2. You don't need to find your Guru he would find you.Wait for the appropriate time.It is always the Guru (who knows everything)and he would direct you to

    him when the time comes(as and when you are eligible).Your restlessness is only an initial indication.You have to undergo so many strictures,so many

    illogical experiences some times utterly confused whether you are on the right path..,then the different blocks where in you get  a stagnant state of affairs

    after a push or elevation(you might even be forced to think you are not ascending but descending) and the whole process is a slow and gradual one

    with blocks  in plenty which only you can scale in a gradual manner.Praying to your favourite deity for fulfilling this wish is not a wrong thing.It would certainly

    be fulfilled..All the best and wish you a happy journey ahead..

    respected sir,thank you very much for your kind reply.whatever you said is absolutely right.Guru finds me when I am ready.But I am not able to wait till that happens.Sometimes I feel like I am going to explode.There is this strong desire which is driving me crazy.i am not able to concentrate on anyother things.I feel that instead of sitting and waiting for the right moment for the Guru to appear why dont I go searching for him. Atleast I feel happy that I am doing something to get His attention.The only biggest fear I have is if I sit waiting for right time and continue with my routine life I might get drawn towards this materialistic life which I dont want .So I am doing all I can to find the Guru to achieve my goal.Please feel free to give your advice.thank you 

  3. Hii everyone,

    I am new to this forum.I am in search of a guru for achieving enlightenment.There is strong wish inside which is driving me restless.i am praying to God everyday for me to help finding Guru.I want to become a monk .I consulted many holymen but none were able to clear my doubts .Anyone please advice me where i can find guru who can guide me through this spiritual path.

    thank you

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