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  1. can u please tell me some of there peeths which are a bit less known.... because most of the places have lost there vibrations due to people going there just for picnic purposes.... i have been to some places and found than now a days many places are losing its good spiritual vibrations and are no more that much beneficial for sadhna purposes.......... please refer some good. peaceful place for sadhna of dem. also elaborate how to do dhyanam n sadhna as there exist a lot many ways to do so but for attainment of result only proper well guided and known path shhould be taken as other sometimes leads to only chaos

  2. Out of the 7 lokas the mahaloka, janaloka & tapaloka are referred to the saints, great rishis, yogis...

    is there any sadhna... mantric and yantric to get the blessing of the any siddha from these lokas. (from blessing i mean having them like a guru in our life, getting there alokik sanidhye n all)

    a common sadhna to invoke any saint from these lokas or any other higher concious saints like vashishta, sapt rishis, lord dutta, gorakhnath ji etc

    please help

    in need of it


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