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  1. There is Lies than


    there is Bloody Lies


    than there is Stats.:deal:



    This is from the mouth of one of the professional statistician at the MBA Unit where I am studying.


    But it makes life a little interesting to have numbers that gives some sort of indication or Trend of what you are interested in.


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada


    I didn't know there was a movie about this great Personality. Do you know which year it was made. Is it an old movie?

    The movie was a made by a Bengali Movie Production house in the 1940's or 1950's. A beautiful recreation of the life of a TRUE MAHATMA. The film was entitled Haridas. The movie had English subtitle and I saw the movie about 5 years ago at Rathayatra.

    Unfortunately at that time the devotees who screened it did not have distribution rights.:crying2:


    I was told that the reason the movie was not distributed at that time in India was because it was based on the life of a Muslim who became a great "Hindu" Saint. Just to put it in perspective....At that time/era India just gained Independence and there were many Hindu/Muslim clashes.


    The movie also includes scenes where Lord Chaitanya Chastises the Muslim Ruler Chand Khazi because he interrupted the Congregational Chanting of the Holy Names of the Lord.


    Some would probably say why would a film about someone who was born a "Muslim" then became a Great "Hindu" Saint cause rioting??


    There are unfortunately many fanatics who belive that if you are born a Muslim you cannot convert to other Religion. That is also the reason why Sirla Haridas was Punished at that time by the Muslim ruler of Bengal Chand Khazi. He was whipped in 24 market places but Lord Chaitanyas Love for his most beloved devotee was such that Lord Chaitanya took the beating on his own back.


    At that time Sirla Haridas was also not accepted by the Brahmin Class and even today the same Brahmin type will not allow any non-Indian to enter some temples in India.


    So Lord Chaitanya showed these Brahmins that in the Eyes of the All Merciful Lord All Are Equal But He favours his devotees more than most.


    All Glories to Lord Chaitanya :pray:


    All Glories to Sirla Haridas:pray:


    All Glories to Vaishnava Devotees of The Lord:pray:


    All Glories to Sirla Prabhupada:pray:


    Hare Krsna

  3. The question you have posed is not an easy one and I do not have an answer for it.

    The only way I can try to answer it is by asking:


    How do you control any persons actions which are manifestation of their desires born out of ideologies of hatred??


    Do You think that by putting a gun to their heads will change the way they think??


    We cannot even controll our own minds let alone controll others minds and desires.


    The only way is to first get your own house in order before trying to go out there and try to fix the world.


    It is natural for people persuing spiritual practise to feal empathy for their fellow humans.


    My only answer is to first rescue yourself before trying to rescue another.


    This may sound selfish but remember you are held responsible for your own actions.


    The best way is to mould your life in Krsna Conciousness (always conciouss of Krsna/God) so that it can manifest into positive actions which can impact positively on not only your life but that of others around you.


    You may say that it sounds like ostrich mentality or an immature bhakta.

    But I live by the following words:-


    Raghe Krsna Mare Kaun??

    Mare Krsna Raghe Kaun??



    If Krsna wants to protect me who can kill me?

    If Krsna wants to kill me who can protect me??


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada

  4. The post by Suchandra makes a lot of sense.


    As Sirla Prabhupada states in one of his purport to Bhagavad Gita:-

    "Book Knowladge without realization of the Supreme Truth is useless."

    Just to back it up, the following is a verse from Padma Purana:


    atah sri-krsna-namadi na bhaved grah yam indriyaih

    sevonmukhe hi jihvadu svayam eva sphuraty adah.


    No one can understand the transcendental nature of the name, form, quality and pastimes of Sri Krsna through his materially contaminated senses. Only when one becomes spiritually saturated by transcendental service to the Lord are the transcendental name, form, quality and pastimes of the Lord revealed to him.


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada

  5. Please accept my 100fold humble obeisance


    All Glories to the Vaishnava Devotees of the Lord!!!


    All Glories to HDG Sirla Prabhupada!!!


    Please keep up the amazing work and show those Pandas that Lord Jaganath is the Lord of ALL and not a Select few.:smash:


    May Lord Narsimha protect you so have NO FEAR!!!


    I will definitely try and make a stop over and pay my obesiance to the Lord when I come to India next month


    Can you please direct me on how to get to the Temple??


    I will also visit Jaganath Puri but will not enter the main temple but I will pay my obesiance to the Lord from outside.


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada


    Uhm - WRONG! Didn't you know this:




    I have killed many boys, brahmanas, well-wishers, friends, parents, preceptors and brothers. Though I live millions of years, I will not be relieved from the hell that awaits me for all these sins.




    Whenever there is a war, there is certainly a massacre of many innocent living beings, such as boys, brahmanas and women, whose killing is considered to be the greatest of sins. They are all innocent creatures, and in all circumstances killing of them is forbidden in the scriptures. Maharaja Yudhisthira was aware of these mass killings. Similarly, there were friends, parents and preceptors also on both sides, and all of them were killed. It was simply horrible for him to think of such killing, and therefore he was thinking of residing in hell for millions and billions of years. [sB 1.8.49]


    So please do not say "no civilians were involved" in the "The battle of Kurukshetra" - if you didn't know it before - you know it now.


    Prabhupada says: Whenever there is a war, there is certainly a massacre of many innocent living beings


    Was the Krukshetra war waged on a designated battelfield???

    Or was it waged in towns and cities? :confused:


    Was the soldiers and Great Generals firing arrows and missiles at civilian targets??? :eek2:


    I was under the impression that the war was fought in a clearly demarcated areas.

    Kshatriya meant persons who give protection to the unarmed citizens/civilians???


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada


    Dear Friends,


    Is it possible to learn Sanskrit without attending classes? How to go about it? Do Sanskrit courses really equip you to read and understand scriptures? Are these courses worth the money and effort?


    I'd appreciate some input, especially from those who know sanskrit, and who also faced a similar situation as mine. What exactly did you do? I find it meaningless to read English translations of Hindu Scriptures, when one could study the same in an aprakrta bhAsha. It's obviously better.


    Hope someone can help.



    Yes it is possible to learn Sanskrit. (As Sirla Prabhupada said "Impossible is a word in a fools dictionary"). But will it equip you to better understand scripture?? Well...it will depend.


    Firstly you have to allighn what you read to the thoughts/understandings of a BONAFIDE SAMPRADAYA or lineage of previous Great saintly personalities coming from Sirla Ved Vyasa the original author of Bonafide Scriptures.


    You or anybody may ask "Why do I have to Allighn?" The reason I say this is because Sanskrit is also known as Devangari or Language of the Gods and also one Sanskrit word may have different meanings.


    Great scholars have studied Sanskrit But have they truly appreciated the language in understanding Scriptures?? I highly doubt it. As the saying goes they are licking the outside of the honey jar.


    That is why I say no problem study Sanskrit but allighn your understanding with a Bonafide Sampradaya to truly taste the sweet honey inside the jar.


    So enjoy studying Sanskrit because it is a beautiful language which is not a spoken language but a poetic language that is sung. So go ahead and study the Language and use it to sing the Glories of the Supreme Lord and taste the Nectar.


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada

  8. I forgot to also ask What do you want the Mantra to do for you??

    Is it...

    1. To gain a beautifull wife/husband
    2. Gain richess beyond your wildest imagination
    3. Gain fame throughout the three worlds
    4. Become a powerfull warrior
    I forgot the others But I am sure there is someone out there who can help me complete the list of One of the things most wanted from a Mantra before leaving this material abode.


    On my travels through India I am sure for good couple of quids/bucks I can get you a Mantra. I will send you my account details. (As the saying goes for everything else there's mastercard)


    But Alas I think for my own miserable condition I don't see any hope :crying2:


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada

  9. Oops sorry pressed wrong button:


    It seems like you already have a mantra. So why are you seeking do you want to free your mind or gain some knowladge, power, prestige???


    If you are seeking some material benefits then yes you should not ask the Hare Krsnas because they will lead you on a path of material destruction.


    Just look at me I have been cursed by this little Blue Boy who sent an Old Man to the West and made my material life a living Hell. :crying2:


    So if you find that Mantra that can free me from this "Misery" please help!!!:crying2:



    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada


    What are some bonafide mantras that can be chanted, other than the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra? The Maha-mantra carries such dire consequensces if 4 regulative principles aren't followed perfectly.


    I'm interested in simply learning how to meditate and focus my mind without having to worry about going to hell or at least not feel terribly guilty for not being able to follow principles perfectly.


    Please don't advise me to chant Hare Krishna mantra and experience higher taste, then principles will become perfect...I've heard this before.


    Dev, the Lord's pastimes are eternal and free from karma, not dependent on karma. Our karmic debt is a factor in our not being able to appreciate the Lord's pastimes. When the Lord reveals something of his eternal lila's to those still in karmic bondage that is His grace and not a karmic reaction. He gives us a tiny peek into what we are missing in hopes of attracting us closer to Him.


    So the full blown, uninhibited pastimes of Sri Krsna in all His various expansions are what the spiritual world is composed of, and so Vaikuntha is completely filled with jiva souls in various relationships with the Lord. The more intimate of those lila's are said to be reserved for more intimate settings like Goloka.


    So Vaikuntha(the spiritual world) is nothing but the Lord's lila's lived out in various moods.


    the meaning of the word Vaikuntha? I read it somewhere but forgot.


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada:)


    God cannot take human form.


    That means krishna's forms are baseless , hmm find another forum lol!!!!:eek:


    hari hari bol


    The guest was just posting on Sikhisim's basic tenants/beliefs and we should just leave it at that.


    If he tries to impose these "beliefs" on Sanatan Dharma than we can challange.:smash:


    This is an open forum where we can understand the "beliefs" or views of other(s) cultures or belief system. Everyone has a capacity to develop at their own pace and are attaracted to a Religion most suitable to their level of understanding/development and this I see as a Mercy Of Lord Krsna. So we should not attack/critisize someones belief system untill they try and impose.


    Hare Krsna


    Jay Sirla Prabhupada


    The basic tenets of the Sikh religion reflect the time and place circumstances of its development. Essentially, the Sikhs believe that there is only one God, who is the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer. God cannot take human form. The goal of human life is to break the cycle of birth and death and merge with God. This can be accomplished by following the teachings of the Guru, meditation on the Holy Name and performance of acts of service and charity. The five cardinal vices are; Kam (lust), Krodh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (worldly attachment) and Ahankar (pride). Narm Marg emphasizes daily devotion to the remembrance of God. Sikhs reject rituals, which includes fasting, vegetarianism, pilgrimages, yoga, as idol worship. Family life (Grasth) is encouraged, and celibacy or renunciation is not. The Sikh Holy Book (Guru Granth Sahib) is the perpetual Guru, there is no place in Sikhism for a living Guru today. Sikhism rejects all distinctions of caste, creed, race or sex. They stress the equality of women, rejecting female infanticide, sati (wife burning), permitting widow remarriage and rejects purdah (women wearing veils). Work, charity and service (seva) to community are emphasized.


    The question was what did Sirla Prabhupada say about Sikhisim.


    But as you mentioned the Sikh "Religion" came about or developed through "time place and circumstances."


    I think that says it all. :idea:

  14. I have seen a nature documentary where Plants of the same species communicate with each other. This is how it happens.


    There was a certain shrub/tree that goats use to feed on. The leaves of this shrub/tree is very nurishing but as soon as the goats start to feeding on it, it starts sending chemical signals to other bush from the same species and immediately the other shrub/trees start to produce chemicals that makes the leaves turn bitter. It must be some sort of defense or survival technique.


    These chemicals signals are carried by the wind.


    This is so amazing.:)

  15. When I use the term "servant" it does not make someone less. But it shows their Love for that personality.


    Let me make an example. The relationship between a man and wife. If there is lot of Love between the two and the wife takes on "servant" or servitude role does that make her less??


    No it shows her Greatness and the husband would reciprocate in the same way.


    If you are going away to the forest to meditate I wish you all the Best in attaining the mercy of Lord Shiva and If I could ask a Little favour.....If Lord Shiva may give me a little of his mercy that I may become a better devotee and follow Sirla Prabhupadas teachings without causing Vaishnava Aparaadh.


    Yes sometimes I can become emotional But what to do? I am a personalist (not impersonalist) and as you are very much attracted to Lord Shiva, I am very much attracted to Lord Krsna and All Vishnu Avatars and All Dear Devotees. But onething I will not allow my emotions to cause Vaishnava Aparaadh.


    I am still learning and growing and maybe by the mercy of all Bhaktas (Krsna or Shiva) I may reach my goal of becoming a servant of the servant of my most beloved object of worship Lord Krsna.


    So I ask for forgiveness if I have offended You or any other devotees.

    Wishing You all the Best in your Sadhana

  16. :( Please becareful of making Vaishnava Aparaadh by blaspheming against Lord Shiva also called Mahadev. There was also a similar sampradaya (lineage) like the Gaudiya Lineage we follow called the Rudra Sampradaya.


    I am sure other more knowladgable devotees could give more information about the Rudra samradaya (lineage)


    To Yogi Prabhu...


    On the point of your quote " His maya permeates the Universe, but he Himself is not affected by Maya nor is he affected by any other three gunas"


    There are many instances in the pastimes of Lord Shiva where he becomes enraged or attracted.

    I am not sure if you recall the incident where when the Devtas And Asuras were churning the Ocean for Nectar. After the nectar was churned and by the grace of Lord Shiva who was asked to remove the poison, There was a a quarel between The 2 sides over who should have the nectar. So Lord Vishnu appeared in the attractive female form as Mohini to take the nectar away from the demons. When Lord Shiva saw the attractive form of the Lord Immediately he lost all composure and ran after her even though Mother Parvati was present.


    Only great lerned personalities will understand the great relationship between Lord Shiva And Lord Vishnu.


    Is this just another "story" that you would like to dismiss....

    and many other "stories"????


    On the point of all the Avatars of Godhead i.e. Ram, Krsna Bhagavan etc.and great personalities like Queen Kunti praying to Lord Shiva so what???

    Lord Rama took on the Manushya Avtaar as well as All Other Avatars and as was always the Manushya tradition to Pray to Lord Shiva according to custom and tradition.


    And Rukmini prayed to Lord Shiva to beget a Good Husband and look at her great fortuin of attaining Bhagawan Swayam as her Husband through the mercy of Lord Shiva.


    What can we learn from these Great Personalities like Queen Kunti, Rukmini etc... who prayed to Lord Shiva??? We can learn to pray and ask A Great Boon From Lord Shiva that he may give us some of his mercy so that we may attain (like Rukmini) Krsna Bhagawan and go back to Vaikunt or Hari Dham


    All Glories to Topmost VAisnava Mahadev ( Har Har Mahadev!!!)


    All Glories to HDG Sirla Prabhupada (Dear servant of the Topmost servant Mahadev Servant of Lord Hari)


    Hare Krsna

  17. I will quote directly from Gito Upanishad Sung By Lord Krsna on the Battlefield and written by Sirla Vyasadev (Param Guru) I will not include Sirla Prabhupada's purports (although to all devotees the purports help to ground the meaning) since you have an aversion to them.





    CHAPTER 10 TEXT 22


    vedanam sama-vedo'smi

    devanam asmi vasavah

    indriyanam manas casmi

    bhutanam asmi cetana

    vedanam - of all the Vedas; sama-vedah - the Sama-veda; asmi - I am

    devanam - of all demigods; asmi - I am; vasavah - heavenly kings;

    indriyanam - of all the senses; manah - mind; ca - also; asmi - I am;

    bhutanam - of all living entities; asmi - I am; cetana - the living force;


    CHAPTER 10 TEXT 23

    rudranam sankaras casmi

    vitteso yaksa - raksasam

    vasunam pavakas casmi

    meruh sikharinam aham

    rudranam - of all the Rudras; sankarah - Lord Siva; ca - also; asmi - I am

    vittesah - the lord of treasury ; yaksa-raksasam - of the Yaksas and Raksasas; vasunam - of the vasunam; pavakah - fire; ca - also; asmi - I am; meruh - Meru; sikharinam - of all mountains; aham - I am.



    Now here is the clincher. You mentioned that Lord Siva showed the universal form to Lord Rama.....Well lets see what Gito Upanishad says:-




    pasyadityan vasun rudran

    asvinau marutas tatha

    bahuny adrsta-purvani

    pasyascaryani bharata

    pasya - see; adityan - the twelve sons of Aditi; vasun - the eight Vasus

    rudran - the eleven forms of Rudra; asvinau - the two Asvins;

    marutah - the forty nine Maruts ( demigods of wind); tatah - also;

    bahuni - many; adrsta - that you have not heard or seen; purvani - before; pasya - there see; ascaryani - all the wonderful; bharata - O best of the Bharatas.



    Now it is said many of the forms shown by Lord Krsna when he exhibited his Universal form was not seen or heard before. If Lord Shiva had shown the universal form during Treta Yuga how is it that Lord Krsna states that no one has seen or heard of these forms before in the Dwarpa Yuga????


    I must also add that I am disappointed in those devotees that disrespect other BONAFIDE GURUS in other BONAFIDE PARAMPARA SYSTEM (lineage)


    Hare Krsna


    All Glories To HDG Sirla Prabhupada (dear most servant of the servant Maha-dev servant of Lord Hari)









  18. I have not put anyone down as you assert. Please quote if I have!


    The reason why Sirla Prabhupada, as I understood it, did not want just anyone reading Vedic Scripture is for the same reson we see here now...Misinterpretation leading to quarrel. The only way to understand any Books of knowladge is by studying under a BONAFIDE GURU (teacher).


    Let me try and clarify...... If You have read medical journals can you call yourself a Doctor??? JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE LITTLE MORE KNOWLADGE THAN ANOTHER PERSONE ARE YOU ASSERTING YOU KNOW EVERYTHING???


    Who is your GURU or have you just picked up some Vedic scriptures and made your own interpretation (Yogikrya and Atanu) ???


    Lastly I have never said Sirla Prabhupada is the only Vaishnava Servant or the Only Dear Most Servant of the Lord.


    I have not read a single passage of devotees disregarding or disrespecting other servants in other BONAFIDE Lineage.


    Please Do Not Put Words in my mouth. :smash:



    Jay Gauranga


    Hare Krsna


    All Glories To HDG Sirla Prabhupada (dear most servant of the servant topmost vaishnava MAHA-DEV servant of Lord Hari)

  19. darkness and Jyoti means light. And you still have not Given proof of the Authtification of all the verses you have pasted here!!!! :smash:


    Govindam Adhi Purusha tam aham Bhajami!!!!!!


    From Brham samhita


    Govinda is the primeval Lord to whom I pray!!!! A Pray by Lord Brahma the first Guru


    ALL Glories to


    Sirla Prabhupada (Dear most servant of the servant....of Lord Hari)


    Hari Bol!!!

  20. and Analyse from Svet Upanishad 6.7 Because you have just pasted a verse and not given a word for word Analysis from Sanskrit to English.


    Tamishi - Tamas means ignorance or mode of Darkness

    Varnam paranaam - paying homage/obeisance

    Maheshvaram - Lord Shiva Lord Of Mahesh Dham



    And any way please Authenticate what you are quoting as above post mentions :smash:




    Jay Sirla Prabhupada

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