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  1. Dear all,


    This thread is about the misuse of temple wealth by some individuals and the suffering by one's descendants. This is a truth and we have been a victim of such an event by our great grandpa( father's grandpa). my father's great grandfather was looking after the Lord Kailasanathar temple in southern Tamilnadu while my father's grandpa sold some of the temple's lands for his personal use and then left uncompensated. It is said that Lord Shiva has cursed the family and loss of wealth and financial struggles were to follow and we the innocent descendants are facing the wrath of the Lord and it is left unmitigated and also we have not known the way to get away. But still bhakti to the Lord and purva punya has saved us from many problems. The curse has led to some neecha planetary placements thereby leading us to trouble. But I have unshaken faith in the Lord that He Himself will come to my rescue and lead me in the right way.

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