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  1. Hello,

    I am a 55 year old lady who is highly worried about my son's reluctance to marriage. He is 31, who says that he Hates marriage and he wants to be a single without having the burden of family, wife, children, their education headaches and so on.

    Though I am not forcing him to get married, I would LIKE for him to get married and settle down. I sincerely request you to understand the plight of a mother here and check on his details given below and tell me why is he having so much liberated views on Marriage i.e is it due to any planetary positions and

    Also I would like to know whether or not he will get married? Can anyone make a little progression and check when marriage is on the cards.

    The strange thing I find is right now I think Jupiter Dasha is going on for him..I thought Jupiter dasha was a Good One!..but regarding Marriage nothing is moving on.

    Of course, I wont mind any bitter truth....and I am extremely sorry that I am asking you to do free service but please do consider a Mother's plight here..Its just that I want to know about his Marriage..being a concerned mother...worried as well.

    His Details :

    Date of Birth : Oct 05 1975

    Time : 1426 hrs

    Place of Birth : Bangalore, INDIA ( GMT +5:30)



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