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  1. Indra jaal is the conversation by Shiva to dattatreya. as the naration goes in kali yog, all tantric mantras were nailed or blocked by shiva for the protection of mankind as the tantras were misused. Shiva speaks to Dattatreya giving him detailed instructions on tantras to help mankind and fulfill their desires. However, part of the scripture deals with harming persons but also offers clear guidelines as to when and what conditions should persons be punished. Better be left alone if you do not already know what it is about.

  2. meditate in your mind and let the supreme guru guide you to the truth, arguing amongst keyboard scholars will offer insight but not necessarily correct, the general consensus of the populous  does not make something true.


    "read shastras, not the nonsenses of such people " not everyone is at the stage of knowledge

    ignorance now does not mean it cannot change in the future, a friend of mine says "the world is rehab for our soul"

  3. Please find a guru to teach you the best way of looking at the divine. it is written in the devi bhagvatam that the divine mother is the same as the trinity - bramha, shiva and vishnu. it also goes goes furthur to say that he who finds difference between them is ignorant in understanding. 

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