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  1. Jesus in Veda ? are those Christians who claim this are willing to adopt Vedic religion?. If the conversion is a one way traffic - from Hinduism to Christianity, but not in the reverse direction, then the whole interpretation of Christ being in Veda and the like is a mere "Satan preaching Bible". (Satan preaches bible not to create devotion to god - quite the opposit to create devotion to Satan). One should be very wary of such ideas



  2. Dear Saran,


    What do you ask the saints when you meet them? (I want to know why are they ignoring you) Are you asking the right question, Are you putting the right request? What exactly do you want from in your life, for which you are seeking the guru?


    There are many paths and many knowledge forms, and each has a specific guru. If you go to a mutt of Vedanta or vaishnava and ask for a tantric initiation they will ignore you or discourage you. On the other hand if you go to a tantrac teacher and seek pure vedantic knowledge they will ignore you or even ridicule you. And if you go to a dualist vaishnava bhakti cult and seek advaida knowledge they might even abuse you. If you meet a yoga guru and want a bhakti path or a mantra initiation they will not entertain you.


    If you are little more explicit about your search, I might help you in finding the right guru or finding the right path. What exactly you are seeking in your life?


    Magic Flute


    Hi friends!


    I am wanting to study more about this kind of spirituality on a personal level.



    Dear Callie,


    Could you explain a little more about what you are looking for? What do You mean by "this kind of spirituality" - what kind of spirituality did you mean?


    Magic Flute

  4. Curiosity Query:

    It's said 80% of Hindus worship Sankara, does that mean Christians are right in calling Hindus 'demon-worshippers'?


    No this is not the reason that Christians call Hindus demon worshippers. according to Christian doctrine any worships be it even Krishna or Vishnu - any thing other than Christian faith is Demon worship. By this standard all Hindus be it whatever their deity - as long as they are not Christians - are demon worshippers.


    The above Slovak is not in Garuda Purana. It is a lie. Most probably by some christians.


    True, this sloka is not found in Garuda Purana, at least in the older versions of the purana. It is quite possible that the latter version might contain this . In that case it must be a political strategy to corrupt the Purana by some interested party.


    I personally don't think that Christians have done it. If that is the case they will not single out Adi Sankara for their attack. They attack Hinduism as a whole and other religions too. And they would not have chosen Garuda Purana as the medium for this attack. Most probably it must have been done by some Fanatic Hindu only who hate Advida philosophy of Adi sankara.


    The threat to Hinduism is not from outside. The evil exist with in. Hindus them self are not united. In fights brings their own down falls. .....An Anonymous author


    Magic Flute

  5. I dont really know what Isconnian make of Ramana maharashi. It is for them to state their position. But I have an inference that they may not approve of Ramana maharashi's method, since it has no role of Krishna bhakti - not even any other god worship - in it. It is highly secular technique, though it has scriptural support both of Upanishads and of Kashmir Saivism - his technique of self enquiry is called Saktopaya in Kashmir Saivism.


    No. Advaida is not synonymous with Daoism or Zen , though there might be some similarities and commonalities. I will not be able to give right now a detailed argument for this claim, as that requires a detailed exposition of not only Advaida but also of Zen and Daoism. I simply am not feeling like up to such a tedious task right now. Besides, who cares any whey in these forums?



    Magic Flute

  6. Siddhas are technically those who possess supernatural powers . Siddhi means accomplishment , but in this contest it does not mean any accomplishment - like accomplishment in acting or horse riding - no that kind of siddhis is not what the seeker of siddhas meant . The seeker wants to contact people with supernatural accomplishments.


    There are many siddhis. Apartfrom Eight great siddhis( like becoming very small and invisible-anima , expanding as big as the universe, -Mahima, Becoming as light as feather, becoming as heavy as earth etc.,) there there many other like healing all disease by touch or look, Knowing anything in the world, Becoming Immortal and so on. there are many many, but all of them have to be Supernatural powers . A siddha worthy of that name must posses that kind of powers. And the question is : Does any one made contact with that kind of people?


    Obviously mad people are out by this definition. Many have a notion that Siddhas act like , and live like mad. It is just a ignorant view. Truth is far from that. Siddhas do not act like or live like mad . They act like and live like magicians. Even they dont perform miracle they are capable of performing miracles and does not appear like mad at all. They don't need to beg nor they need to depend on anyone for their personal care and survival. They are masters of their lives. Many mad ones believed to be siddhas by other people are not siddhas by this criterion but actually mad and cannot survive without others help.


    So leave them aside.


    There are very good ethical,spiritual and religious souls in the world , some times considered to be siddhas. They are not siddhas either and they don't possess any supernatural powers. So leave them too.


    Are there any siddhas in the sense of people with supernatural powers ? Have anybody met them? That is the question -I suppose. Unless some one gives answer keeping this in mind, the questioner will not be benifited -I guess.


    Magic Flute

  7. Of course Ganesha first before any other worship. Otherwise worship of any deity will become useless. after ganesha you can worship any deity. Generally there is no order unless you are initiated to some serious Mantra Vidya - in which case you need to follow the order of that tradition. For example Srividya upasaka will have to first worship ganesha than Bala then the main deity Godess tripura sundari. It can be more elaborate than this simple schema worshipping a host of gods siva, vishnu, sun, Bhairava and so on in an elaborate system of Srichakara worship and there is a definite order. But if you are not a initiate to such system and are a niovice you can worship any deity in any order after Ganesha. Ganesha first is a rule.


    Magic Flute

  8. The official Hindu position for these set of questions are as follows.


    Destiny is not something that the creator has written on you head. Destiny is, in Hindu language Karma. That is what is inflexible is the Law of Karma that every action will have a appropriate reaction. This law cannot be changed. But this does not imply that you have no freedom to act and every thing is pre determined. It does provide space of freedom of action for ultimately your destiny - what you get is determined by your own action. Karma theory implies you get something because you did something in the past to get it.It simply means you are responsible for what happens to you not the poor Brahma (creater god who is normally blamed for writing your destiny on your head)


    Though you are not free in this life to alter the consequence of your action of the past - you will have to surely pay for what you did earlier, you certainly have freedom to choose a good or bad act now. It certainly does not mean that you are helpless even to act but what it means is that if you act in certain way then certainly you are not free to avoid the consequence of that action. In short the Karma theory is similar to the legal system. You are certainly free to do any thing but once you misuse this freedom to do something wrong then you have no freedom to escape the punishment.


    In the contest of the murderers example stated. the murderer is certainly responsible for the act as he has the freedom to commit or not to commit it. Once he commits murder certainly he will be blamed and punished as a consequence of this action - there he has no choice to escape.


    Destiny is a resultant of many many birth time action and their reactions - you tend to get cluttered in this cause effect chain and that certainly restrict your freedom to a large extent in a given life. That still does not mean that you have no freedom at all to act afresh- In fact the freedom to act afresh is never gone . You can always act in some good and holy manner in spite of all your miseries that reactions are coming from your past bad deeds. You need to go through them as there is no escape from reaping the results - the seeds you planted in past but at the same time nothing prevents you from planting new good seeds so that in future you reap good fruits rather than the bad ones. Planting new seeds is completely in your.


    Destiny is to be understood in this way - not as something completely determined by someone above you and engraved on your skull and executed with iron hand , Where you have no say - no that is wrong interpretation of Destiny. Your destiny is what you yourself make for yourself - in many many births of course.


    Magic Flute

  9. Temple worship is symbolic. Temple is a symbol of our body only. If you ask anyone knowledgible in temple vastu you will here the close anology between the body and temple. All the 108 varma points of the body are there in the temple.


    Realized mystics of all religions do not engage in temple worship but worship in their heart. They prescribe an inner worship.


    A few example:


    Narayana suktam , declare the place of Narayana to be in the Heart in the form of a light , a fraction of the hair width in size.


    Tiru Mantriam a tamil mystiic work by the Saint Tirumular declares;


    Mind is the shrine, Flesh body is temple ,

    Mouth is the entrance door for the lord,

    For who knows clearly, Jeeva is Siva Linga,

    Five sense organs are the five lights


    Islam Mysticism holds;


    God does not reside in the building of stone and metal made by people

    He resides in the Heart of creatures.


    Till one realises this one searches god everywhere, in mountan top, in far away ilands, in temples,


    There is a beautiful Zen story on this state of affair.

    There was a zen master who become known for his wise counsel to any problem of any body.His fame reached far and wide and even to heven on to God's ears. God decided to consult him for His problem and visited him.

    God put before the Zen master his biggest problem:

    " I dont have any privacy and a breating time of rest - human creatures constantly seek me out all the time and disturb me for their never ending wants. I consulted the councel of celestrial beings in my hevenly abode. They told me to go and live in the toppest mountan peeks, far away ilands, in deep woods - where humans cannot reach. I traid all that but in vain. Now-a-days these human creatures can reach any where. Please Show me a perfect hiding place so that I am never distrubed by the human creatures again.


    And the Zen master advised:


    Hide in the place where they will suspect of you the least, and that their own heart.


    God took that advise and found no more disturbance, because from then on creatures are searching him every where in the universe except where he really is.


    Magic Flute

  10. He is already doing it. Only that you don't know that.

    When Arjuna was hesitant to kill his relatives and teacher in the war, thinking that he is fighting this terrible war, Krishna showed him the Viswarupa to show him actually Arjuna is a puppet in the hands of Krishna. Krishna only is doing everything already.


    He is already making you and everybody dance as he wishes.


    Magic Flute

  11. Pray to him with atmost devotion.


    Tantrics claim by intense worship in due mannor for long long time, the deity is bound to appear.


    Some scripture in mantra sastra( I forgot the sourse) says that if a devata's mantra chanted as many crores as there are letters in the mantra, the devada will apper physically (Pratyaksha). According to this priscription, if you chant the five letter mantra of Siva for five crores He will show himself.


    I have not tried it - just my bookish knowlegde.


    Magic Flute

  12. Hi Mystic Lotus,


    There is no "conversion" in Hindu religion, as it is a non converting religion at the first place. However it is not against outsiders embracing Hinduism if one so desires. If you want to do it ritualistically, then you can approach any one of the Sankara mutts and seek the advise and appropriate rituals and instructions. If you are not finique of the official ritual just acquaint Hindu way of life and religious practices and follow that.


    Magic Flute

  13. Dear Anr,


    Advidines are hard core subjectivist. Before explaining this claim let me define the terms though you left them undefined. It is important because different understanding of the term could lead to unnecessary disagreement in an argument. So terms must be clearly defined before giving an argument.


    Advida means that there is no duality. That is there is only one stuff. The ultimate stuff of existence is one. (Monism)


    Objective monist hold that this one stuff is matter - everything in the universe is ultimate analysis is material. An example of this is the scientific view that Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and their interactions, including mind , thought and consciousness - they are nothing but the material processes in the material brain. Hence no mind in the real sense.


    Subjectivist monist hold this one stuff of the existence is mental stuff - consciousness . There are no objects in the world in the real sense. Everything is mental stuff - made of ideas or consciousness.


    Advida vedbnta holds the subjective monist position that the world is nothing but an illusory appearance in one mind Called Brahman - apart from this illusory or hallucinatory or dreamy appearance there is no real material objective existence to the world.

    To quote: " Brahma satyam Jagat mitya, Brahmo Jivai na para"

    Transalation: Brahman is Real world is an illusory appearance , there is no difference between Brahman and the living spirit.


    If your use of the term 'Subjectivist ' is understood as mental, or spiritual, as against material, (and not as 'arbitrary' or something that is 'relative') than Advidines are clearly Subjectivist.


    Ra Zious

  14. 1Ganesha

    2 Siva

    3 Durga i and her various manifestations - kali, tara, tripura sundari, buvaneswari, bhairavi china masta, dumavati, bagalamuki, matangi and kamalatmika -( the ten maha vidyas )

    4. Kartikeya

    5 Sasta

    5 Vishnu and his various manifestations - krishna, rama, narashima, varaha murty, Hayagriva etc

    6 Lakshmi

    7 Saraswati

    8 Hanuman


    These are the most common deities worshiped in present Hinduism. There are many other uncommon ones like, for example, yama the lord of death, Chandragupta his accountant, Sun god, ect. The Idea is that each soul is uniquely suited to worship a particular deity. There are three approaches to choose a deity:

    1. the deity that most appeals to you emotionally

    2. The one which is advised to you from your astrological chart

    3 . The one that is given to you by a accomplished guru.


    You may start with the first method . Majority of Hindus do that. Latter on you may graduate to the third one.


    There are many many deities in Hinduism . The idea is that each soul is uniquely suited to a unique deity for spiritual prograss. But ultimately there is ony one divinity called Brahman and all the deities are forms fashioned out of this same divine contant. We need a form - a deity - because we cannot grasp formless attribute less brahman. However Advanced Hindu ascetics directly worship Brahman. For rest of we lesser mortals need a form to worship. And the most suited form psychologically and spiritually suited to us will be the most benificial one for each. and that is the reason there are so many deities in Hinduism.

    Best wishes


    Ra Zious

  15. No Siva is not angry with you since you did what is appropriate in order to respect Siva - It only shows your regard and bhakti for siva. Siva is never angry with his gwenune bhaktas even when they do something wrong out their bhakti. The hunter bhakta who gave meet to Siva is an example.


    So don't worry on that count. But if things are going wrong for you it is not because Siva is angry. It simply may be your karmic results at this time of your life. Try some appropriate astrological remedies.



    Ra Zious

  16. Dear Anirban Chaterjee,


    My advise to you is to continue with Siva- your istadevata worship. In due course you will spontaneously reach the stage of formless worship of Brahman. Till such stage is reached we are to continue with form worship. You can achieve everything including the ultimate by the istadevada worship alone. This is so because all gods are manifestation of one Brahman only.The form and name may differ according to the individual taste and predisposition of the baktas, but the content is same - Brahman . Siva is Brahman only. Catch His feat tightly and you don't have to know anything. He will lead you to Brahma gnyan


    This is the technique of Ramakrishna paramahamas. He caught hold of the idol worship of Kali with a munky grip and who could be called a greater mystic than him?



    Ra Zious

  17. Dear Believer in Hinduism,


    "What was King Yudhistar thinking when he put his wife on gambling? Where is the dharma behind such an act?" - Your response


    You cannot justify Duriodan's bad act by pointing out Rudishtra's bad act. Can you? All that you are establishing is that both are bad and that does not imply duriodan is a great guy. If you want to establish that you should defend Duriodan ,(In law a thief when caught will have to establish his innocence, not prove that there are other thieves. You have not successfully defended Duriodan. Have you?


    Ra zious

  18. It is one thing to like, be a fan of, and hero-worship some one - even worst criminals have their fans and there are many who like villain in any play or movies rather than the hero - but it is quite another thing to argue that the one whom one likes is holy or right or just and not evil. There is no doubt in that Duriothan was on the side of wrong, otherwise Krishna who is an avatar with the sole purpose of destroying evil and establishing righteousness would have no reason to eliminate Duriotan- rather he would have protected him if he was good is int it?


    However one could interpret the scriptures in the "opposition party way" ...That Krishna was all evil and Duriodana holy,... and Rama was evil and Ravana holy .. and so on. There are people who take this opposition party stance. If one takes up this stance then of course the interpretation would be different.


    Ra zious

  19. You can use any god's name as a mantra in itself for gods names are mantras. It is perfectly alright to chant "Sri Krishna"


    Your head ache could be explained, probably by your over doing of concentrated chanting in your initial enthusiasm. If you concentrate on anything intensely for long you will get an headache. Remember brain is an organ and taxing any organ to much will fatigue that organ and it will pain.


    Solution is (1) to gradually increase the number of chanting,

    And (2) learn to chant in a relaxed manner than in a concentrated way - Don't chant as if you are solving a mathematical problem or chess problem. Do it in a dreamy way . Mediation should lead to relaxation - not fatigue and tiredness. This is a skill you will develop with experimenting.


    Good luck,

    Ra Zious

  20. No "neither material nor spiritual" is not the right application of neti neti or right interpretation of the non dual of Brahman. Because Brahman is Spiritual stuff. "Prakgnanam Brahma" - Consciousness (spirit) is Brahman - is the Vedic conclusion. The right application of Neti-neti (not this... not this ) is to apply this logic to all that we know and describe empirically (that is material entity that we know through our sense organs) and our conceived idea based on that empirical perception - those abstract conceived notions that is based on empirical perception. We have to reject all these as not Brahman.


    All that we know by our sense organ and abstract objects created by thinking are to be rejected. The knower - the thinker- the perceiver - the very consciousness itself cannot be rejected.


    Perceived things and conceived things are describable. But the perceiver the conceiver the very knower is indescribable is int it?


    Just like the eye which sees the entire world cannot se itself, and just like a camera which take the photograph of everything in the world cannot photograph itself , the knowing self which can know every object - -concrete and abstract - cannot know itself.

    The knowing self the very consciousness itself the spiritual stuff is Brahman. This is the correct understanding of Advida Vedanta



    Ra zious

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