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  1. Is shikshapatri necessary, when in bhagavad gita krishna clearly says HE IS GOD/ SUPREME? (Unless someone denies gita, then may be he should search elsewhere who is GOD)
  2. So can we say that vishnu is GOD and swaminarayan is NOT? (depending what you imply by prambrahma and incarnation)
  3. I got two questions. According to BAPS swaminarayan is GOD. 1. So is swaminarayan krishna himself? 2. Or is swaminarayan even greater than Sri Krishna?
  4. From Bhagavad gita Chapter 17: Text 10 yata-yamam gata-rasam puti paryusitam ca yat ucchistam api camedhyam bhojanam tamasa-priyam Translation Food prepared more than three hours before being eaten, food that is tasteless, decomposed and putrid, and food consisting of remnants and untouchable things is dear to those in the mode of darkness. Commentary by Srila Prabhupada The purpose of food is to increase the duration of life, purify the mind and aid bodily strength. This is its only purpose. In the past, great authorities selected those foods that best aid health and increase life’s duration, such as milk products, sugar, rice, wheat, fruits and vegetables. These foods are very dear to those in the mode of goodness. Some other foods, such as baked corn and molasses, while not very palatable in themselves, can be made pleasant when mixed with milk or other foods. They are then in the mode of goodness. All these foods are pure by nature. They are quite distinct from untouchable things like meat and liquor. Fatty foods, as mentioned in the eighth verse, have no connection with animal fat obtained by slaughter. Animal fat is available in the form of milk, which is the most wonderful of all foods. Milk, butter, cheese and similar products give animal fat in a form which rules out any need for the killing of innocent creatures. It is only through brute mentality that this killing goes on. The civilized method of obtaining needed fat is by milk. Slaughter is the way of subhumans. Protein is amply available through split peas, dal, whole wheat, etc. Foods in the mode of passion, which are bitter, too salty, or too hot or overly mixed with red pepper, cause misery by reducing the mucus in the stomach, leading to disease. Foods in the mode of ignorance or darkness are essentially those that are not fresh. Any food cooked more than three hours before it is eaten (except prasadam, food offered to the Lord) is considered to be in the mode of darkness. Because they are decomposing, such foods give a bad odor, which often attracts people in this mode but repulses those in the mode of goodness. Remnants of food may be eaten only when they are part of a meal that was first offered to the Supreme Lord or first eaten by saintly persons, especially the spiritual master. Otherwise the remnants of food are considered to be in the mode of darkness, and they increase infection or disease. Such foodstuffs, although very palatable to persons in the mode of darkness, are neither liked nor even touched by those in the mode of goodness. The best food is the remnants of what is offered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. In Bhagavad-gita the Supreme Lord says that He accepts preparations of vegetables, flour and milk when offered with devotion. Patram puspam phalam toyam. Of course, devotion and love are the chief things which the Supreme Personality of Godhead accepts. But it is also mentioned that the prasadam should be prepared in a particular way. Any food prepared by the injunctions of the scripture and offered to the Supreme Personality of Godhead can be taken even if prepared long, long ago, because such food is transcendental. Therefore to make food antiseptic, eatable and palatable for all persons, one should offer food to the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
  5. Dear shuvo, Animal sacrifices are not allowed in this kali yuga.
  6. Ok, conclusion is that caste is not just based on birth (conclusion arrived because his Guru is an "untouchable") Now, lets move a step further. What the term shudra above implies then?
  7. Good point to reflect on but ultimately its his writings which are to be considered. His writings reflect his teaching. If his writings show tendency of castism then this is how it is, and is in conflict with what his followers say on his preaching(I.e Oneness) I dont know what his wrintings are, thats why Im asking. There are many teachings around some pretty same to others, some completely different. They have survived and still surviving. Do you think they are all perfect/sincere/pure?
  8. Just tried the link above, You need to register first. Sorry Once you registered, go on music then look for "Sri Muneeswarar", couples of options would be given to you including the Madurai Veeren one.
  9. Try these downloads, they are in the most beautiful language on earth- Classical Tamil Song on Madurai veeran: [url="http://ds06.cooltoad.com:80/music/send.php?id=97188&name=09-Track9.mp3&token=song.97188.44662331fcc40f77"] Song on Sri Muneeswara:
  10. Dear Guest, In the other forum, "Did Adi Shankaracharya denounce Caste?" there is a tendency to think that Adi Shankaracharya believe in caste by birth and even "say" that if a sudra hears the vedas then molten lead should be poured in his ears which I think is something very abominable. Was it the plan of Shankaracharya to spread that philosophy or the forum is being misled? Haribol
  11. He is still well alive as long as the name of Ramma would be chanted. Sri hanuman manifesting on his devotees is no rare scenes.
  12. It is DIFFICULT to stop these sacrifices SPECIALLY if they have been in your family lineage. Just like you, I dont feel its right to give animal sacrifices. If its the first time your friend is performing these sacrifices, I think you might help by telling her about the consequences of killing animals. This might well deter her. If its in the family lineage, hmmm. Believe me it IS complicated to stop and the resulting consequences might be painful. It is definitely not an easy decision to take.
  13. Its always good to know that some people share the same view on this topic. vedaham samatitani vartamanani carjuna bhavisyani ca bhutani mam tu veda na kascana "O Arjuna, as the Supreme Personality of Godhead, I know everything that has happened in the past, all that is happening in the present, and all things that are yet to come. I also know all living entities; but Me no one knows" The question is whether it is possible to have free will even if the lord knows the futur. In the past my brain says no, at present I still think thats not rational. In GOD's infinite wisdom, everything is possible though, and if there is a rational connection between pre destiny and free will, our mind/brain simply cannot comprend this complexity. From the above quote,"but Me no one knows", since krishna is time(past,present,futur) then the "Me" could refer to time. Therefore no one understand time. Btw is there any verses in connection to free will?
  14. I wish everyone a very happy sittirai cavadee. Oh Azhagan/Skanda unto you we take shelter Devotees of Lord Muruga carying the cavadee You have goose skin just by hearing the musical band One of our beautiful Kovil(Temple) Colourful Devotion The Vel Devotee carrying a sambo of milk Devotee dancing in trance with wooden cavadee Devotion knows no age Sacrifice The faithfuls made a vow of silence, which is yet another sacrifice that they offer to Lord Muruga/Skanda Sharing of sacred milk at the end of procession The futur is secured for now through the young ones... Vettri vel muruga
  15. I have been asking this question for some six years eversince I learnt about the karma law. If Krishna knows everything, therefore He already knows that I would be say a thief, a murderer well before I took birth. Now, if I do not become a thief, a murderer this would contractict Krishna's forcast which is impossible. So, am I responsible for being a thief, murderer? If I killied someone in this life because that someone killed me in the previos life, would I be a sinner? (afterall I am respecting the law of karma. He killed me before, I killed him now, action/reaction)
  16. Dear Shuvo, Vegetables are allowed, but need to be offered to GOD first before eating. Beef a DEFINITE ABSOLUTE NOOOOOOO! Tortoise- where did you get this information:eek:? NO TORTOISE. Anything that involves killing is not recommended. Vegetables also involves killing but not much pain is involved as the killing of animals. But eating vegetables still involves killing and that is why they must first be offered to GOD (that way we dont get the bad karma involved in killing). In Bhaghavad Gita, we can get good information on what to eat, certainly there is no tortoise.
  17. What if indeed effect preceed cause? Would that experiment not show that there is something called pre-destiny, which is independent of gross physical organs and the less gross physical mind?
  18. What do u mean by seen by the lord? Does that mean, we take the counchshell with water in it and put it near a deity of lord krishna for some time before it is used to touch the head ?
  19. The last Manvantara (mass extinction) occurs approx. 121 millions years from now according to scriptures. However we can find that there is some mismatch between scriptures and science. The Major mass extinction according to PRESENT day science(Yes, this info can change tommorow) was in the Permo-Triassic era, some 250 millions years from now and extinction of Dinos some 65 millions years from now. We can still argue that dinos existed in the last manvantara, and managed to live the major manvatara destruction 120 millions years ago to finally become extinct 65 millions years from now. However the major concern is mass extinction's time is somehow different by a factor of approx 2. Scientific mass extinction = some 250 millions years from now. Scriptures mass extinction=some 120 millions years from now.
  20. OK, I think I start to understand a bit now about the vedic time. The 0.429 Maha yuga in every Manvantara is meant for Creation/Destruction time. So 1 day of brahma comprises of 14 sections 1 section = 1 manvantara + Destruction/Creation time(approx 1.8 millions years) <!-- END TEMPLATE: bbcode_quote --> From some research on net, I can safely say that YES there is destruction and creation every manvantara. It is quite huge to the extent that most of the living species are wiped off from the surface . However I was not able to find out in which form the destruction occurs (deluge, fire etc..) There is also minor destruction(laya) every end of Maha yuga. I presume from the 14 sections which comprise 1 day of brahma, thats where the 14 Manus come from. Each one comes in every manvantara. They are considered to be the father of humanity. Therefore if one day scientists discover that there is mass extinction every 300 millions years (i.e every Manvantara), that such mass extinction happens over a long period of time(around 1 -2 millions period and not over few days or years) and also that there is a minor destruction every 4.32 millions years cycle (every Maha yuga) then that would be a huge step forward to show to atheist that Vedas/Puranas are NOT myths but THE TRUTH/FACT.
  21. Thats very interesting. Where can I find these english translated vedas?
  22. If you live in india, it should not be a problem. Go to your local temple, and explain the problem to the priest. He will definitely help or send you to someone who deals with such issue. Usually tantrists are very good in removing ghosts. If you are outside india or dont know any priest, well that might be a little problematic. Hari bol
  23. This 14 Manvantaras is causing me some trouble. There is a fraction of 0.429 Maha yugas which are left in every manvantaras. This correspond to some 1.8millions of years which has not been accounted for in every manvantaras.
  24. Ah this Manvantara is then very important to do proper calculation. Indeed the whole data changes now. Interesting to note also that 1000 is not exactly divisible by 14. In your calculation above, I couldnt understand one thing. Where do you get the 211 millions years? Should it not be 121millions years? That would then make the estimation to be aprrox=456.6 Maha yugas = 1.97 billion years since the begining of the most recent Brahma day.
  25. Something that we can think upon: "There is no truth beyond Me. Everything rests upon Me, as pearls are strung on a thread" <o:p></o:p> (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.7)
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