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  1. assalamu alaikum.

    acctualy i think it's related to yoga but anyway.

    once, i was in sitting(think yogis call it as padmasan)

    then i closed my eyes and only chanted name of Allah

    after few times i felt like all hatred,anger and many feelings were gone.

    it was like, i was just inlove with Allah.

    to me was like, the time stopped and i loved Allah more.

    please can u explain it.

    and please be kind and criticism is not a good way.


  2. assalamu alaikum

    as far as i remember,

    hinduism has nothing called convert like abrahamic faith.

    if u believe in hindu phelosophy and lead yourself as hindu faith says then you are a hindu,its about your way and faith.

    but there is no need to convert either. because hindus belives in a theory(tought in our schools),

    "there are many munis(/wise people), rishis(/prophets) but all lead to the same God"

    it acctually mean it doesnt matter which path/way/religion you are following all will end up to the same Almighty.

    we are taught

    "Every religion is truth and behind every religion there is God"

    so if you follow christianity correctly then heaven is yours.

    Allah Hafez(Allah/God is the protecter)

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