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  1. remember adi sankaracharya? the man from kerala who walked the entire country to unify the hindus who were all in their diffrent ways and fighting amongst each other.

    today hinduism faces threat in india from islam and christianity. while they grow we reduce. while they become more and more fundamentalists, we become more and more liberal. while they issue death sentences against the liberals in their society(islam) and would not hesitate to kill for mohammed, in our religion we take pride in telling the whole world that we are liberal. come do anything to us. we have the history of having been raped by all and sundry except for the dog.

    all this must change if we have to remain as hindus today, tomorrow and hereafter. we must give importance to our religion, study the geeta, and face the enemy. we need a leader who is not going to two-time us. we need core hindutva vadis such as the core Hindu parties. we need to vote them to power. let us see what happens to inddia in a five yr hindu fundamentalist rule. if we say we cannot tolerate a hindu fundamentalist rule, then in 10 yrs time we shall see an islamic fundamentalist rule in india.

  2. vaivasvata, the 7th manu who was saved by vishnu was not the first of mankind. he was one amongst the first of the human race. and remember those 7 sages..they represent the 7 races. the caste system was based on varna and no. of births..once born, twice born etc. there was clear prejudice for the sudras(our forefathers) and the tribes of india (the real untouchables, unseeables). nonsense!

  3. as regards your words that 'brahmins became proud'. yes. you are correct. and it is the result of the brahmins stupid pride that most of the sudras fell easy prey to islam and christianity which offered them equality.

    india would have been further divided if the brahminical journey was allowed to continue.

  4. sometimes one has to use a stick. the unbeaten child becomes wanton. so the hindus are wanton. here anything goes under the name of liberty. anyone can do anything and get away. hindus need to unite and vote for VHP or Bajrang Dal. Hindus must have hardcore Hindus (who do not dilute themselves with muslim and christian blood). Like it happened in Iran. U can do it through the electorate. U can vote not for congress or for bjp and never for the commies. Vote only for the hardcore Hindu parties. Better the VHP. Let there be some cleansing. some consolidation.

  5. you chose islam. how did you chose it? what were you before? if hindu were you an untouchable in up/bihar given to brahminical suppression and repression? did u chose islam because it claims to treat all equally? did you buy your freedom through islam? then hope you enjoy your new religion.

  6. thank you for your reply. but i feel things are deeper than that, even though i would be inclined to console myself on your line of thought.

    isn't vedas the creation of the brahmins? brahmins had given every one a role and sudras, being the conquered and the vanquished, were pushed to do menial work(created from the leg of brahma). sudras therefore, remained forever doing menial jobs for the brahmins, kshatriyas and kayasth till they were rescued by mahatma gandhi. sudras were also stamped as untouchables. does not brahma touch his feet or does he consider his feet as outcasts?

  7. I have heard that Brahmans were created from the mouth of Brahma, Kshatriyas from the chest part,Vysyas from the thigh part and shudras from the feet of Brahma.

    Also Brahmins are referred as Bhusura's meaning Gods(sura) on earth (Bhoomi)


    Is this not clear sign of inequality of Brahma upon his creation?


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