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  1. Hello Guru,


    Really felt bad after knowing about what happened with you.


    I do not know any Sadhak or Tantrik, but I believe in Bhagwan Hanumanji. There is one temple located at ""Mehndipur" on Agra - Jaipur Road which is known as "Mehndipur Balaji Temple". You just go there and need not to contact any so-called Tantrik. Here it is said that all the problems are solved by Bajarang Bali himself. Just visit once. You need not to contact any Tantrik over there, just ask for Prasad from any vendor which is of Rs. 5/ and one Chola for hanumanji which will cost around Rs. 51/ Offer these all in the temple and do not eat any thing there given by any body except Prasad from the temple. whatever you have to eat or drink buy by yourself only from the vendor. Rest of the detail you may get from local persons or from the staff of hotel where you will stay or you may search other details on website if found.


    So many peoples come from all over the states to visit there specially on tuesday and saturday for such type of problems.


    My personal advises to you


    (1) Do not contact any Sadhu / Tantrik over there as all are cured by Balaji Maharaj and it is also mentioned on the notice board of a temple and these so called sadhus/tantriks are fraud.



    (2) Do not eat any thing there given by any body except Prasad from the temple. whatever you have to eat or drink buy by yourself only from the vendor.


    (3) Do not bring any prasad from their to your home.


    Balaji Maharaj Aapki Rakshha Karein.


    Best Regards




    hello great souls.


    i came on this site after googling. i think there are some great souls here.

    and i am sure one of you will help me ...I AM IN VERY DEEP SHIT. CLOSE TO DEATH


    i am from bombay. around 2005 end. i was doing very well in my career.

    everything going great guns. at that time i had a muslim room mate

    who tried to eat into my success and my hard work. i stopped him and since he didn't like that. he used black magic on me. he is from the shia muslim cult . people who cut themselves all over.


    i didn't know much about this. he used to chant something and give me food which i consumed.he told me it would bring my luck.i think he even mixed something in my food . his mom was also involved


    WHAT FOLLOWED WAS ABSOLUTE HELLLL. i started getting night mares and i would wake up in the middle of the night and feel like I AM GOING MAD. it would take 1 hour for me to regain my senses. these night mare attacks continued and then MY WHOLE BODY COLLAPSED. I WAS IMMOBILISED .

    i couldn't walk .dizzyness and i lost my vision my half . those night mare attacks would usually induce suicidal thoughts. somehow i survived it .medicines didn't work and psychiatry didn't work other.


    when the night mare attacks increased.mantra chanting helped to control them but they could't cure it . also if i chant a lot .it makes me go more mad.


    its 2009 and i am surviving my life like a vegetable. i can walk a bit but cant do any work. i met a priest who told me that the magic was done to make me mad and kill me but somehow i surviving . but i am not able to find a full cure which will get me back to real life .


    brothers can you believe it .that muslim guy is still going around doing bad

    to people . he is extremely shocked and wondering how i am still alive but he is happy that he collapsed my life. i mean honestly why are these people even born ? what pleasure do they get by doing this


    I APPEAL TO YOU GREAT SOULS. DO YOU KNOW ANYONE WHO CAN CURE ME ? i have tried everything but nothing worked...


    people use my weakness to get money out of me but I AM STILL UNDER ITS ATTACK .


    PLEASE ADVICE .......may god bless you all

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