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  1. Hi AmreshD - I can understand the mental turmoil you may be going through right now. I suggest you read history on tantrik literature & analytical & historical study of vedas. The wide difference between the two and how all these rituals emerged will give you a clear understanding on God & the root from where the so called "Black magic" started. Go for an Indian historian/writer, there are lots available on scribd, as there are many westerners facinated by Tantrik rituals and are too far away from truth.

    Best wishes!

  2. Hi AmreshD - Please do not take this as an offence but think over it as an impartial advice. IMO below points can be of some help to you:

    - Praying to god for long hours does not mean that we have more attention from God and hence, more favourable circumstances in what we are praying for.

    - In a lot of religious forums I see people complaining of black magic. Although, In my experience these are more of mental blocks/negative thoughts that we create for ourselves when things do not go as we actually want them to.

    - One important thing to note here is - Court cases are decided on merit of evidences,no black magic/lawyer giving up at last moment, can change the course of law. I am not giving any conclusion on the court verdict here but just pointing out how courts work in moder civic structures and higher courts are open for reappeal.

    - I am just guessing, you are in your early years (no offence). Suggest you to give up all the pooja etc. you are doing for sometime and focus on how your dreams can be achived by the power of "Karma". This will help you build self confidence which is really need of the hour given your circumstances.


    Best wishes!

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