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  1. Yes you are completely correct,these great souls can appear anytime,anywhere,but where exactly is Siddhashram located??? How do we get there??? I have read the Gita,the Upanishads but I never knew of Siddhashram. You are right pseudo-secularism has destroyed India. But dont blame the West,blame ourselves for this mess!!! Sometimes i think we are not fit to govern ourselves ,or have we made the wrong choice???. I mean look at Bihar and UP and the rest of India. I dont think the great souls can do anything to improve our lot,since we are in Kaliyug. BTW Tackleberry is a character in the film "Police Academy" and my favorite.
  2. Could somebody enlighten me as to whether there are other worlds in a different plane in this Universe??? The scriptures mention Lord Vishnu resting on Adi Sesha in the middle of the Garbhodhaka Ocean. Is there really an ocean like that in outer space in a different plane??? If so, why have not great saints like Ramanna Maharishi, Ramakrishna Parmahamsa and Aurobindo not been able to elucidate on this topic???
  3. Dear Ganeshprasad will we ordinary humans ever have a chance of seeing great souls like Hanuman ,Vidura ,Kripacharya etc. Where exactly do we go to find these people??? If we go to the Himalayas will we chance upon them??? Or is it that one must possess a sixth sense to see them???. How can you say that these souls are alive??? Why dont they save the world??? At least why dont they save India from corrupt politicians????
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