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  1. Hi,


    I bought 2-24 mukhi rudraksha from a trusted dealer in Mumbai, I got a neck mala made adding a Nepalese 1 mukhi moon. But i dint see any changes. I approached Rudraksha Ratna , they suggested me to add a java 1 mukhi and 17 mukhi and have armlets made. I am thankful to them for making 2 armbands for me (of course they charged) (1, with all odd no. mukhis and 2nd with all even no. mukhis). and they also confirmed that my 2-14 mukhi were original (thank GOD).


    Its almost 3 months now wearing the armlets but I dont see any change instead stiffness in my centre of my back has retuned. I contacted Rudraksha Ratna online, now I am suggested to buy 15 & 16 mukhi with some ruby-coral bracelet. I dont want to waste more money till I see any positives as 1 mukhi ( and its not moon, a small one costing around 25000) alone should be very powerful.


    I do wear them daily morning after my daily puja and showing dia (light) and incense and chanting Om Namah Shivay.

    I would be highly obliged if readers may suggest me what am I missing and why am I not able to see positive changes.

  2. Dear Guruji,


    I am working in a companny since 2007 , but now the co. is not doing good, so looking out for good job but all in vein since last 3 months. Kindly guide..


    Name : Sunil

    DOB : 13 Jan 1978

    Time : 20:32

    PLACE of birth : Jaipur (Raj)

    Wearing : green emerald in neck & Manak in ring finger.


    Thanks ,

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