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  1. Hi, before try any healing please read the book advance pranic healing with color,


    in general, invoke God, Guru, Healing angeles then see for any cord in any chakra and in your foot, do general wiping twice and local wiping on painful area and sore chakra with light whitish green and light whitish orange for at least 30 times, energies with light whitish green, light whitish blue, light whitish violet (note do not use red or orange if you have inflame), clean navel and basic chakra with light whitish green and light whitish orange, energies with white prana.

  2. Hi,

    Iam Mathan looking for help?

    i had learned Reiki 2 and pranic healing adv and very much interest in kriya yoga,


    which healing is good for deep rooted phobia and dyslexia?

    which healing system is good for babies?

    can i combined both ?

    Are reiki white divine energy has same power has pranic healing Electric Violet energy

    what are the benefit for Reiki master Attunement?

    what is the different between kriya yoga and kundalini yoga?


    Thank you


    Chennai India

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