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  1. Hi


    Can anyone pls choose to help me with finding a Vaidyacharya who can cure Brachial Plexus injury.


    Brachial Plexus Injury has a symptom similar to paralysis of hand but it differs significantly in its cause. In paralysis, the nerves are dead, the signals dont flow from brain to muscles but the wire(nerve) is intact.


    In Brachial Plexus Injury, the wires(nerves) itself gets broken (due to severe accident) and so no signal can reach muscles as there is no connection.


    Its a very serious problem and only a very learned Vaidyacharya who has gained knowledge through parampara should be able to help.


    Pls help incase anyone knows.

  2. Hi VibhutiGanesh and Raj_Kamal


    Thanks for replying. Let me share what I am feeling honestly.


    VibhutiGanesh, when I read your post, I find it very scientific and I find my head nodding in yes. I feel that all this mantra sadhana is science, logic and things work according to the rules and laws just like physics and chemistry and your post also appear to say the same so i completely agree. However, I dont know where and how to begin my research to find out the right mantra(procedure) to cure my problem and then execute that procedure. Can you help me ?


    Raj_Kamal, your post is quite interesting and I feel quite surprised that what he is saying, is it really true. True or not, I am ready to try it because if the possibility of success is even 0.01% and chances of fraud are 99.99%, then also the outcome of 0.01% is much more beneficial to me and I want to try it. Can you pls tell me, what would I need to do to get the required diksha, shakti pat or any other that will cure my physical problem?

  3. @Raj_Kamal


    Thanks for replying.


    Can you pls elaborate on the success that you have experienced yourself or have seen others. I ask this because sometime back, I would attribute events which in retrospect were normal coincidences to divine experience and be very happy. But when there was an actual problem and when an actual....lets call it chamatkar.... was required, i was told all sorts of gyan and it clearly showed how hollow the person was.


    On browsing through the siddhashram website, I came across Dhoomavati Diksha which had this sentence:


    Any ailment or physical problem that may have afflicted the individual gets removed forever through the power of the Dhoomavati Diksha.

    Is this true ? Does it include any physical problem for which medical science has also said no ??


    If yes, then can you pls guide me through the process of getting this diksha ? I really need it. I dont have much time.


    I would be very thankful to you.

  4. Hi VibhutiGanesh


    Thanks for taking my question positively and replying. The reason why I asked this question is that over past few months, I was severely disillusioned with a lot of people in my social circle whom I held in extremely high esteem thinking that they are highly evolved beings. They are very nice people, they talk very nice things, are very knowledgeable and have read lot of scriptures also and can converse in sanskirt, write beautiful poems and what not.


    But then when it came to practical application, direct straight question, they have no answer. All they have is theoretical knowledge with no practical experience. I was left very surprised. Since then, I am searching for some real person with practical experience of things and not just bookish knowledge which just doesnt help

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