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  1. The black panther could be your power animal. Usually the black panther appears to teach us about reclaiming our power.


    Since your pooja room was shown in the dream the panther could symbolise Kali Ma's energy. Usually the black panther is associated with lunar energy and I believe this energy is very much associated with Kali. It may be that She is inviting you to explore this and embody this energy more in your life.


    I too have the black panther as my power animal. I also worship the Divine Mother and Kali Ma is one aspect of Maa I happen to adore very much.

  2. Can some one tell me if my chart supports ugra sdhana (worship of a ugra devata).


    I understand that Saturn and Mars play an important role in helping one acheive success in ugra sadhana. My atmakaraka is Saturn, while Mars is in his own house in Scorpio and occupies Saturn's nakshatra.


    My birth details are as follows:

    DOB: 28 Feb 1969

    Time: 2.42pm

    Place: Colombo, Sri Lanka


    Thank you.

  3. Wonderful! Thank you for posting these mantras.


    I have been searching for the maala mantra and found it on the web in several places but felt it was not entirely correct (there appeared to be errors in the way it was transcribed) So I listened to the maala mantra being chanted on youtube (the chants were by a sanskrit scholar, I can't remeber the name at the moment, so I assumed that the pronounciation being presented was correct). I was able to correct a few errors in the transcribed version I got from the net. I have copied the corrected version below. The version of the maala mantra I have seems to be longer than the version you have provided above. I am a novice in this area and would like an expert or an adept in Pratyangira sadhana to let me know why one version is longer than the other. Any feedback / guidance will be much appreciated.


    Prathyangira Maala Mant ra

    Om namah krishna vāsasé

    Shada sahasra kōti simhāsané

    Sahasra vadané, ashtā dasha bhujé,

    Mahā balé, mahā bala parākramé,

    Ajithé aparājithé dévi,

    Mahā prathyangiré prathyangirasé

    Anya para karma vidvamsini,

    Para mantroth chādini,

    Para mantroth sādini,

    Sarva bhootha damani,

    Khém, saum, prém, hreem, krōm,

    Mām sarva upadrava vebhyaha,

    Sarva aapadhbhyo raksha raksha

    Hrām, hreem, kshreem, krōm

    Sarva dévānam mukham stambhaya, stambhaya,

    Sarva vignam chinthi chinthi,

    Sarva dushtān bhakshaya bhakshaya,

    Vaktralaya jwala jihwé,karalāvadané,

    Sarva yantrani sphōtaya sphōtaya thrōtaya, thrōtaya

    Pratyasura samudrān vidrāvaya vidrāvaya

    Sām roudra moorthé,

    Mahāpratyangiré, Mahāvidyé shāntim kuru kuru,

    Māma shatrun bhakshaya bhakshaya

    Om krām kreem kroom jambé jambé

    Mohé mohé sthambhaya sthambhaya

    Om kreem hum phat svāhā

    Om kreem eem glaum kshreem saum

    Aim hum krishna vanané

    Shada sahasra simha vadané

    Ashtā dasa bujé mahā balé

    Shatha parākram poojithé

    Ajithé, aparājithé dévi prathyangiré

    Para saivya para karma vidvamsini

    Para mantra para yantra para tantra uchchāgini

    Para vidyā grāsa karé sarva bhootha damani

    Ksham glaum saum eem kreem hreem glaam iyekiyehi

    Prathyangiré chitha chithroopé

    Sarva upadrava vébyaha

    Sarva graha dosha vébyaha

    Sarva roga vébyaha

    Prathyangiré mām raksha raksha

    Hrām hreem hroom hraim hraum hraha

    Ksham ksheem kshoom kshaim kshaum kshaha

    Glām gleem gloom glaim glaum glaha

    Prathyangiré para brahma mahishi

    Param kāruniké éhi

    Māma shariré āvéshaya āvéshaya

    Māma hridaya skura skura

    Māma akshep praskura praskura

    Sarva dushtānam vācham

    Mukham vadam sthambhaya sthambhaya

    Jihvām keelaya keelaya

    Uddim vināshaya vināshaya

    Prathyangiré mahākundalini chandrakalā vadamsini

    Véthāla vāhané prathyangiré kapāla māla dhārini

    Trishoola pathrāngushabāna

    Bānāsana pānipātra bhooridham

    Māma sathru srōnidham biba biba

    Māma sathrun mām smakādaya kādaya

    Māma sathrun thādaya thādaya

    Māma vairijanān daha daha

    Māma vidvésha kārinam seegraméva bakshaya bakshaya

    Sri prathyangiré bhaktakārunike

    Seegramé vadayām kuru kuru

    Sathyo jvara jākya mukthim kuru kuru

    Véthāla brahma rāksha sādim jagi jagi

    Māma sathrum thādaya thādaya

    Pārabdha sanchita priyamānām daha daha

    Dooshagān sathyodeerga rōga yukthān kuru kuru

    Prathyangiré prāna shakthi māye

    Māma vairjana prānām hana hana

    Marthaya marthaya nāshaya nāshaya

    Om shree hreem kleem saum glaum

    Prathyangiré mahā māye

    Dévi dévi mahāvāchitham kuru kuru

    Mām raksha raksha prathayngiré svāhā

  4. I think what "Ilovemama" says is quite reasonable about mantra chanting. Not everyone can find a guru for a particular mantra especially if they live outside India. For example I live Tasmania and there are no gurus here who can initiate me into the Pratyangira mantra. So does that mean I can't pray to my beloved Pratyangira Ma? However, I have been initiated into a mantra by Amritanandamayi (the hugging saint). I am inclined to believe that the Divine Mother is more concerned about the purity of your intentions and devotion to Her than about initiation protocols.

  5. Learned Members,

    I have heard that mantras can be made powerful (x100 times or x10,000 times) with various techniques. For example chanting a mantra into a flower can make it x100 times powerful as the flower represents the akash element. Sometimes using other bijas in front of the mantra, a mantra can be made several tousand times powerful. Can any one share what these bijas are please.

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