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  1. Hi friend,

    I had checked your fiancee’s chart and found the chart attached is wrong as his first house sign or lagna is Pieces and not Aquaries as shown in the attached chart. So his lagna lord, Jupiter is placed with Ketu on the 9th house while his second house lord, Mars is placed in 5th house in fallen sign, Cancer with malefic planet, Venus (3rd and 8th lord ) and Ketu. During his accident period, he is running under the Mars dasa in Rahu mahadasa. Rahu is placed in 3rd house ( house signifies travelling or moving around ) while Mars which is the 2nd and 9th house lord is ill placed in 5th house conjucted with malefic Venus and aspected by Ketu. I wonder why nobody (astrologers) warn about the danger of Mars sub period he is going through. It clearly shows that human can’t over rule the fate.



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