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  1. Hello Audarya Fellowship,


    Need valuable input on my kundali regarding my wedding .


    Place: Mangalore



    Gender : Female


    Its been long time now. I would like to know when will I settle down in my life. Is problem in the kundali or attitude. Remedies to this . Area of improvement for healthy & smooth married life as its already late. Working will be beneficiary even after marriage as I am pofessional .


    Features about my partner & when will i find ..... What is my mistake & how shoud I lead in future.


    who are weak & strong planets in my chart & worshiping which lord will boost my healthy married life .



    Valuable response is highly appreciated.

    Awaiting for the response.

  2. Pranam Guruji.


    Seek guidance on the Marriage Possibility.


    D.O.B : 11/5/75

    Place: Mangalore

    Time: 21:50

    Gender : Female.


    Seek guidance on Marriage Possibility .Pls guide me where I am lagging as such a Delay in Marriage .What are my strong & weak planet positions. Ways to improve my personal & professional life. When will God show mercy on me ....


    Features about my Futute partner . Its been long time now & want to settle down.


    How long this struggling peroid & will ever my marriage chapter closes. Precautions for my life afer marriage. Is it my fate for such a delay or I am responsible for this.


    Awaiting for your Valuable response .



  3. Jai Ram ji ki


    Pls provide your valuable guidance on marriage .


    1.kind of marriage...love or arrange??if possible tell me at what age?

    2.whats wrong in my horoscope,if any problem pls let me know any remedies.

    3.Areas of strong & weak palnets to succeed in both peasonal & professional life.


    Birth Details:


    Place :Mangalore

    D.O.B : 11-5-75

    Time: 21:50

    Gender : female


    Sincere response is highly apprecitaed.

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